BM Northern Region Launches New Website

bm launches new website

Congratulations! You’ve found your way to the newest website of the British Movement! You may notice that this site is a bit of a departure from the other BM sites you may have visited.

We took the decision to build a site for the BM Northern Region that contained news, posts and video that would be of interest to our growing community of racial Nationalist and National Socialists supporters.

The Northern Region includes the following: Yorkshire, Humberside, Cheshire, Merseyside inc the Wirral, Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Cumbria, Northumberland, Tyneside, Teeside and County Durham.

We welcome articles, news reports, images and video’s in consideration for inclusion on this website from across the North of England. We will not include any content that is against the current laws of the United Kingdom.

Inform, Educate and Inspire

We are attempting to create a site that will be a must-visit for all Nationalists, not just BM members, a site containing news and reports from Britain and the world with a National Socialist twist.

Along with our other websites, social media presence, electronic newsletter, publications and our fast-growing multi-media expertise, we are determined to push the BM to the fore of the Nationalist resistance to the take-over of our land.

Our aim is to:

  1. Inform: Topical news posts that may not have been covered in the controlled media and our views on the day-to-day issues which affect us all.
  2. Educate: Articles and more indepth posts featuring the ideology of the British Movement and our National Socialist beliefs. Guest posts from sections of the BM including The Vixens (British Movement Womens Division), Strength Through Joy etc.
  3. Inspire: With our mixture of topical news, indepth articles and the best video’s from the BM and elsewhere we hope to inspire you to get involved and join the fightback against the enemies of our race and nation.

To give the site a kick-start we have added a few older posts and articles that we think you may have missed and are worth republishing. We will be updating and adding to the site regularly, so these older posts will only constitute a tiny percentage of the content.

To search for any particular topic, the site search function (the magnifying glass icon in the page header) is the easiest way.

We hope you will keep visiting regularly as we tweak the content and layout over the coming weeks and months to find what works best. Hail The New Dawn!

“The most precious possession you have in the world is.. your own people. And for this people and the sake of this people, we will struggle and fight and never slacken, never tire, never lose courage, and never lose faith”.

Adolf Hitler

Join The Political Struggle

It is not the intention of the British Movement or this website to incite or promote hatred against any racial, ethnic, religious or minority group.

The BM rejects any form of terrorism and believes that the only way forward is by political activism and the building of an alternative National Socialist society.

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  1. Sounds great except the reference to Humberside which was disbanded several years ago thankfully replaced with East Riding of Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire!

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