Summer Solstice Camp 2021

british movement summer camp 2021

Summer Solstice Camp – 18-20 June 21

Solstice camp was again in the county of North Yorkshire, but this year it was decided by the organiser for security reasons to have the camp in the isolated and remote area of Dalby Forest.

As camp attendees started to travel North and East from Surrey, W Midlands, Lancashire, Cumbria and N & W Yorkshire on Friday afternoon, with only the post code of an Egyptian Orthodox Monastery to guide them, more detailed instructions and maps were issued to guide them onto the campsite. Without instructions & map, anyone not invited would have been searching Dalby forest all weekend.

As attendees started arriving on Friday evening, they were met by the host and allocated camping pitches and an invite to the camp fire for a relaxed evening of food, drink, introductions and conversation.

Expecting more attendees on Saturday afternoon, those on site awoke to a beautiful sunny morning and the sound of a whistling kettle on the gas stove.

Plenty of family fun at the BM Summer Solstice Camp 2021

Breakfast done and everyone washed and ready for a full day’s activity, it was off to spend the morning in Scarborough. Among the activities undertaken in Scarborough were; Visits to the Castle, Museum and Churches. Beach walks and paddling. Boat rides and of course adding to the local economy via Shops, Cafes and Public houses.

Around midday the attendees rendezvoused on the campsite, with the Scarborough day trippers returning and the final attendees arriving for introductions, greetings and a communal lunch getting to know each other and putting the world to rights over tea and coffee, with the children playing rounders and hide and seek in the blazing sunshine.

In the true spirit of Strength through Joy, a hike was led by the organiser through the forest. The overall distance was around 5 miles over undulating terrain, this provided more than enough time for the attendees to mix and chat and enjoy the panoramic views. We even found time to enjoy an improvised swing, the children eventually got their turn.

Back on site, the BBQ was prepared and everyone relaxed into a late afternoon/evening of conversation, play, food and drink. Having said our goodbyes to a family who had travelled over from Lancashire for the day, the remainder continued around the camp fire into the wee hours of the morning.


The BM Summer Solstice Camp is an annual event held over the weekend nearest to June 21st.

This is a family friendly event held on private land and is totally secure.

Next years camp will be bigger and better – make sure you don’t miss out!

Sunday morning was a damper affair, with a light drizzle blowing in from the North Sea. The sound of the whistling kettle roused those still in their tents and everyone congregated under the gazebo to enjoy a final breakfast of tea and porridge.

Making the most of a break in the weather, all the tents and equipment were packed away and everyone got ready to break camp and make the long journeys home.

After a final sweep of the camp site for litter and unpacked gear, it was finally time to thank the organiser for all his hard work, wish each other well and say our goodbyes until the next time we meet.

Summer Solstice camp 2021 was a success and enjoyed by all those in attendance, it was officially ended and the final thing to do was lower the Sunwheel flag and close the gate behind us.

Kraft durch Freude.

A few of the campers pose for photographs in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside
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