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BM litter pick

The following is a brief report of an activity by one of our north-west comrades. Individual initiatives like this are an excellent way to promote the BM, while also putting our Strength Through Joy beliefs into action.

On Saturday, February 10, an activist from BM Greater Manchester went for a litter pick around the Woodland area of Worsley, Salford. The activist was thanked by several members of the public. Looking after our countryside and keeping it clean is important for both nature and wildlife.

One of the first ‘green’ priorities of a future racial Nationalist state must be to halt the increasing environmental impact of modern society. Capitalism and industrialism have brought with them environmental degradation and accelerated urbanisation, in addition to the displacement of rural populations. The massive growth in our population, fuelled by mass migration and all the strains that it brings to bear on our natural environment, must be reversed.

Any litter removed from a natural habitat benefits wildlife. Every piece of litter that is taken away means there is one less unnatural item for birds, mammals and fish to eat or get caught up in. Cleanups help to restore these creatures’ habitats. So what can you do? Simply follow the example of our Greater Manchester comrade! It doesn’t matter if there is a group of activists or just you by yourself.

Just one hour of litter collection could potentially result in the removal of thousands of waste items, thereby safeguarding ecosystems, vegetation, waterways, wildlife, and plants from hazardous chemicals and substances to which they should not be exposed. Cleanups help to restore these creatures’ habitats.

You don’t have to go on an organised litter pick to help; simply pick up any stray rubbish and place it in the bin! Send us a short report along with photos, and we’ll post your activity on this site. As has been said many times before, we are only stewards of this land. We have to protect it and leave it in a better condition for future generations.


All Image: BM Northern

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