A Pan-Nationalist Tribute To Colin Jordan And John Tyndall

Tribute To Colin Jordan And John Tyndall

Above: Speakers and organisers at the annual CJ / JT Memorial Meeting held in Leeds.

On Saturday November 23rd 2019, ten years since the passing Colin Jordan and fourteen years since the passing of John Tyndall, racial Nationalists gathered in Leeds to salute the memory of two of the most influential racial Nationalists of the post-1945 era.

Their ideas and influence continues to shape British political Nationalism and during the current turbulent period of British politics it is essential that those of us who carry forward the leagacy of ‘JT’ and ‘CJ’ strive to build and develp the movements and campaigning organisations their ideas inspired.

The meeting was organised this year by the British Movement and a majority of the attendees were from the BM.

With around 60 Nationalists in attendance, including former councillors and a former MEP, organisers were pleased with the turnout. Speakers at the meeting included Richard Edmonds (NF Directorate member, former BNP national organiser, and right-hand man to John Tyndall); Benny Bullman (long standing BM member and lead singer of the Nationalist band Whitelaw); Dr. Jim Lewthwaite (the chairman of the British Democrats); Andrew Brons (former MEP for Yorkshire); Peter Rushton (H&D deputy editor); Alec Suchi (nationalist climate change activist); and Steve Frost (BM National Secretary).

A buffet of both hot and cold food was provided by the BM’s Women’s Division.

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