BM Activists Hit The Streets Of Castleford

bm activity in castleford

British Movement activists from West Yorkshire were out and about on the streets again on Saturday 6th November, spreading the Nationalist message of hope to Yorkshire folk desperate for change from the lib/lab/con politicians who have taken them for granted for decades.

In another example of pan-Nationalist co-operation, activists from Patriotic Alternative met up with BM members to hand out PA and BM leaflets in the town centre of Castleford, West Yorkshire. Previous BM activities in this former mining town have received a warm welcome.

bm leaflet castleford
A BM activist leaflets shopper in Castleford, West Yorkshire

Castleford’s history dates back to Roman times, archaeological evidence points to modern day Castleford being built upon a Roman army settlement which was called Lagentium, which translates as “The Place of the Bottles”. Taken from the Latin ‘lagenae’ (bottles or flasks) since evidence of a Roman glass-making industry has been found around Castleford.

In more recent times, Castleford was known as a coal mining town and stronghold of the marxist socialist Labour Party and Scargill’s National Union of Mineworkers. Times change however, and although still a Labour seat (the MP is Yvette Cooper, wife of the Bilderberger, Ed Balls), the town was staunchly pro-Brexit and fertile ground for racial-Nationalists.

Meeting up in a nearby hostelry, the PA and BM members then made their way to the main precinct in the town centre and began handing out leaflets to the passing Saturday afternoon shoppers. A large banner was unfurled with the message ‘Love Your Nation’. In spite of the chill Northern weather and sporadic showers the mood amongst the activists was upbeat and good-humoured.

A few of the BM members split off from the main group and began to put leaflets under the windscreen wipers of cars parked in the large shopping car parks situated nearby. We can honestly state that we did not hear of one negative comment during the day’s activity.

bm leaflet castleford
BM leaflet under car wiper in Castleford town centre

The full group then moved on for a photo shoot outside of the office of Yvette Cooper, the Castleford and Pontefract Labour MP. As is usual for this darling of the establishment, her office was closed and to-all-intents-and-purpose, abandoned.

bm leaflet castleford
A local British Movement activist outside of the Carlton Lanes shopping centre, Castleford.

The joint activity and friendly co-operation between the BM and PA recently sends a strong message to all genuine racial Nationalists. We are living in strange times. The lockdown has put life on hold, but the take-over of our Nation continues apace. We need to get back on the streets of our towns and cities, we need to begin spreading our message once again and build a real alternative before it is too late.

BM picket Yvette Coopers office
BM & PA activists outside of Yvette Cooper’s office, the Castleford & Pontefract Labour MP


In a recent post about a flash demo in Leeds, which was held outside of a number of hotels that have been given over to illegal immigrants, we reported that local residents in the Seacroft area of Leeds came out and joined our picket. We are pleased to report that one of them joined us for the activity in Castleford yesterday. Welcome comrade!

The origin post can be viewed here.

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