Child Sexual Exploitation? Wake Me Up When It’s Over!

Councillor Alan Atkin

When the history of the disastrous multi-racial experiment that is Britain comes to be written, Rotherham in South Yorkshire and Rochdale in Lancashire will feature prominently in its pages.

The sexual grooming, rape, and physical torture and humiliation of thousands of young White children, many not even yet in their teens, shocked the whole country. A further unforgivable fact was that the police, local Labour politicians, social services, and the media were complicit in covering up the crimes in the interest of race relations.

Just how concerned Labour politicians in Rotherham are was displayed for all to see at a recent council briefing on child sexual exploitation. One Labour member, Councillor Alan Atkin, who represents the voters in the Wath constituency, obviously found the subject of child rape (by predominantly Pakistani men), so boring and tiresome that he fell asleep during the briefing. He then started to snore loudly.

He later tried to excuse his snores by saying: “I put it down to my age and my weight… I have probably got sleep amnesia or something… If it hadn’t been for the subject matter we were talking about, it wouldn’t be a story. People fall asleep at work the whole time, don’t they?”

We don’t know if Atkin has ever had a real job (as he has been a member of the Council since 1996), but we doubt it. Like many of the old gang politicians, Atkin’s has made a decent living by snoring his way through council meetings.

Mr Atkin was one of the councillors told about the serious suspected Asian grooming gang problem in Rotherham in a 2005 seminar but did not speak out publicly. In an attempt to limit the damage from snoregate, Labour has withdrawn the whip from Atkin.

“You can never allow any kind of sensitivities around race and ethnicity to prevent action on child sexual exploitation”

Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper speaking on Sky News. Cooper blamed the government for ‘failing to act’ on grooming gangs.

The Casey report into Rotherham Metropolitan Council revealed that Labour local authorities actively suppressed any action against grooming gangs because of political correctness.


Top Image: Photo by Nancy Hughes on Unsplash.

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