Labour Betrays The White Working Class

labour abandons the working class

In the forthcoming general election, which will be held sometime in 2024, the Labour Party is leading in all the polls and seem certain to become the next government.

Labour has become more and more distant from its traditional voter base, the White working class. They are regarded as racist and unreliable; after all, didn’t they vote for Brexit, naming immigration as one of their main concerns. Many of the social Marxists who infest Starmer’s party regard immigrants, including the second and third-generation of migrants, as natural Labour voters.

A new report says that fourteen of the top twenty councils which rent out a greater percentage of their social housing to non-UK nationals, are Labour-led, while five are Tory and one is run by the Liberal Democrats.

In the London constituency of Brent, where a backlog of 28,000 tenancies exists, forty percent of new tenancies were granted to non-UK nationals in 2021/22. In Lambeth, where 36,000 households were on the waiting list, 21% were occupied by non-citizens.

Britain is one of the most densely populated countries in Europe, and is in a state of crisis. Our infrastructure simply cannot cope with the numbers flooding into our country every year. The NHS, schools, housing etc, are simply on their knees. A pathetic Tory reform where applicants would be required to prove their ­connection to the UK for at least ten years before being allocated social housing was described as ‘rubbish’ by Labour deputy leader Angela Rayner.

Rayner represents Ashton-under-Lyne in the north west of England.


Top Image: Photo by Craig Davis on Unsplash

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