Greater Manchester Police – ‘Operation Pavarotti’

Operation Pavarotti

It is a common criticism by the political Left, that British Nationalists and NS publications are only interested in stories about child sexual exploitation when it involves Pakistani grooming gangs.

This is not the case, the defence and protection of White British children is an important facet of National Socialist ideology, the very basis of the “Fourteen Words”. There is no place in British society for those who sexually exploit children, or are involved in making or distributing child pornography, such people are beneath contempt.

In recent months an extremely disturbing story has emerged concerning ‘Operation Pavarotti’, the Greater Manchester Police investigation into a child pornography and under age sex network based in Bolton. Initially the press reports stated that ten men had been arrested for a total of over 50 offences involving child sexual exploitation and the rape of a girl under the age of sixteen.

So far, a total of 13 men have been arrested and released on bail pending trial, all are White British men aged between 22 and 34 years of age. Most of the accused live in Bolton, but there are at least two from Chorley and one man from Wigan. Some of the defendants are accused of multiple offences involving either rape or sexual activity with a child, others are charged with making indecent images of a child or the distribution of indecent images of a child.

All the offences were said to have taken place in the Bolton area, with specific reference to the Blackrod district and cover a period between 2016 and 2018 in the Blackrod area. The accused men are listed as being mostly from Bolton, Blackrod, Horwich, Chorley and as stated above, one man from Wigan. Their bail conditions are very specific and restrict where they can and cannot travel, and importantly, none are to have any contact with any females under the age of sixteen.

The first press statements about Operation Pavarotti began to appear in November 2021, but the names and details of the men arrested and charged were not made public until March 2023. All of the accused will face trial at Bolton Crown Court and a possible trial date has been mooted for September 2024, which is a long time for so many men to remain out on bail.

However on June 1st 2023 at Bolton Crown Court, one of the accused, Callum Hesketh age 22 and a resident of Chorley, pleaded guilty to making an indecent image of a child, which he admitted was a Snapchat video, which was put out in circulation in June 2018. Callum Hesketh will possibly return to court in October this year.

No doubt the eventual trial of the men arrested under the GM Police ‘Operation Pavarotti’ will be used by liberal and left-wing journalists and politicians as ‘proof’ that gangs of men accused of being involved in child sexual exploitation and the grooming of underage girls are not just Asian men, but the majority are White British men. Even though the high-profile grooming gang trials almost always involve large organised gangs of Asian Muslim men.

No matter what the ethnic backgrounds of the accused, are these pending court trials in Bolton evidence of a greater sickness in British society? What levels of corruption and decadence have emerged from the situation in Bolton?

British Movement stands by its belief in the Fourteen Words and the need to protect British children from the kind of evil on trial at Bolton Crown Court. If those men are all guilty as charged then they have shown themselves to be the lowest of the low. In the words of the song by the British NS band Whitelaw – “Fetch the Rope!”


Top Image: Image by 4711018 from Pixabay.

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