Drunken Asylum Seeker Who Went On A Rampage Jailed

Drunken Asylum Seeker Jailed

“There comes a time when you need to stop crossing oceans for people who wouldn’t even cross puddles for you.”

Mortahda El Saedi, 25, was the subject of an initial call to police on September 14 after slamming doors and breaking items at a Carlisle hotel where he was staying. Saedi calmed down and police left. But they were back around half an hour later, Carlisle Crown Court was told.

“The report was that Mr Saedi had gone on a rampage, setting off fire extinguishers and behaving violently,” said prosecutor Gerard Rogerson.

His drunken behaviour was captured on CCTV. After leaving his room he removed his shirt, slammed doors and banged on walls. He then picked up a fire extinguisher, chased a staff member and set it off.

“He went to the reception area where he threw the empty extinguisher with some force behind the reception desk,” said Mr Rogerson. “There was a female staffing the desk at that time and she had to move out of the way.”

Saedi picked up a second fire extinguisher which he sprayed at another resident. He then fought other staff who tried to restrain him.

He made a bid to try and headbutt a member of staff, kicked out towards a police officer and spat towards the PC, who described the conduct as disgusting and humiliating. He was caused further anxiety not knowing if there was a risk of contagious diseases being spread.

When interviewed by the police, Saedi described himself as a “10” on a drunken scale of 10. It was revealed that he was also on bail for being caught in possession of a kitchen knife two weeks earlier in the same hotel.

When brought before a magistrates’ court, he admitted two common assaults, a public order charge, criminal damage, and illegal public knife possession. Saedi, of no-fixed-address, was given a 12-month prison sentence.

Mortahda El Saedi enjoying the sun.

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