From Covid 19 To Animal Cruelty – It’s All In A Day’s Work For Fauci

This post may seem strange to some of the newer converts to our cause, but animal welfare and anti-vivisection are issues that are close to the hearts of all National Socialists.

We will be publishing a post on the subject of animal welfare in National Socialist Germany in the very near future. Animal protection laws were enacted soon after Adolf Hitler became Chancellor. As early as 1933 a law was passed regulating the slaughter of animals.


The rediscovery of a series of grisly experiments on beagle puppies has galvanised social media users into demanding the arrest of “America’s doctor” Anthony Fauci. The American physician-scientist and immunologist serving as the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and the Chief Medical Advisor to the President.

Fauci was a member of the White House Coronavirus Task Force established in late January 2020, under President Donald Trump, to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. Fauci is now serving as ‘old Joe’ Biden’s chief medical advisor

He received harsh criticism from Trump supporters who believed his contradictions of Trump’s views on the pandemic was an effort to politically undermine Trump as he ran for re-election.

He is now under fire from US politicians after reports of US taxpayer money being spent on cruel drug experiments on dogs after it came to light that his agency funded experiments that included cutting the vocal cords of beagle puppies to silence their cries.

“We write with grave concerns about reports of costly, cruel and unnecessary taxpayer-funded experiments on dogs commissioned by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID)”, 24 Republican and Democrat politicians said on Thursday in a letter to Fauci.

The US-funded research at the Tunisia lab involved drugging puppies and locking their heads in mesh cages filled with hungry sand flies to infect them with disease-causing parasites. Researchers also locked beagles in cages overnight in the desert to use them as bait to attract sand flies.

The aim was to test an experimental drug on the diseased beagles. The dogs were six to eight months old, and they were all killed and dissected upon completion of the tests, according to WCW. NIAID-backed research at the University of Georgia involved injecting beagles with experimental vaccines and infesting them with parasites, the group has said.

Got only knows what horrific experiments these sadists have been performing on these poor, trusting young dogs. In the course of one year they funded wasteful & brutal Beagle experiments in four locations, including Georgia, California, Africa and even Fauci’s own NIH lab in Maryland. In total they spent $1.68 million dollars on torturing these 44 puppies in 2018 and 2019.

Dr Anthony Fauci also funded the Wuhan lab virus experiments, but officials insist the virus involved ‘could not have been’ the cause of Covid-19 pandemic.

One involved severing 44 puppies’ vocal cords so that their pained barking and whining wouldn’t bother the scientists

Top Image: The White House from Washington, DC, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons.


In his book ‘Animal Warfare’, David Henshaw describes how the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) was an organisation in decline in the mid 1980’s. The ALF was a group of militant animal rights activists who believed the only way to stop cruelty to animals was by taking direct action.

The membership was made up of anarchists, young idealistic students, and older middle class animal lovers who supported the activists by donating money. The ALF made the headlines by ‘liberating’ small mammals from vivisection labs and setting fire to lorries involved in the meat industry.

Members were drifting away from the group and many of its activists had been arrested. and jailed. According to the book, the groups’ fortunes only began to change after an unnamed British Movement member became involved in the leadership and he is credited with making the group much more professional and successful in it’s activities.

The author, who was decidedly anti-ALF and has been described as ‘worst than a tabloid journalist’, attacked the ALF as a mixture of anarchists and fascists.

ANIMAL WARFARE by David Henshaw
Harper Collins – Aug 1989

“Authored during the rise of what some English activists called “the cult of militancy,” Animal Warfare takes the fodder provided by the most extreme actions of the early 80’s and spins an ugly tale of car-bombs, poisoning hoaxes, graveyard desecration, and alliances with racist organisations.”


Regarded as the bible of anti-vivisection, the book ‘Slaughter Of The Innocent by Hans Ruesch was first published in the 1978. Hans Ruesch was an Italo-swiss racing driver, a novelist, and an internationally prominent activist against animal experiments and vivisection.

“Slaughter Of The Innocent” is the first book ever written which directly discusses the scientific arguments regarding the needless use of animals, as a part of medical progress. Mr. Ruesch spent countless years compiling this gut wrenching masterpiece.

In it he successfully lifts the veil of secrecy which has always been an important part of research establishments & the medical community as well, giving the reader a peek at what REALLY goes on, after the laboratory doors are closed.

The bible of anti-vivisection

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