Bradford: In the News Again, For All the Wrong Reasons!

The city of Bradford in West Yorkshire has been a metaphor for a post-industrial British city heavily colonised by immigrants since the 1960’s, and the recent negative media news reports continue to depict Bradford in that mode. This set of depressing stories demonstrates more ‘cultural enrichment’ of British society by members of the ethnic minority communities.

The three cases below provide an accurate reflection of what this article intends to demonstrate about serious crime in Bradford, which is not to say that every murder or every violent offence in the city is committed by members of the ethnic minority communities, just that certain aspects of their cultures and attitudes create a disproportionate level on crimes.

  1. The Bradford Murder Hunt, April 2024.
    A massive, nationwide police hunt was launched for 25-year-old Habibur Masum, a Bangladeshi national, for the fatal stabbing of 27-year-old Kulsama Akter in Westgate, Bradford on Saturday April 6th 2024 as she pushed her child in a pushchair along a city centre street in broad daylight.

Kulsama Akter was from Oldham but was believed to be temporarily living in Bradford to avoid Habibur Masum who had tracked her to the city. As more details of the case were released, it emerged that Masum had appeared before a magistrate’s court in Manchester in November 2023, and was served with a Restraining Order to prevent him stalking and threatening Kulsama Akter. Habibur Masum was released on bail, even though the prosecution had requested that he was not granted bail.

Habibur Masum was arrested in Buckinghamshire on April 9th, and in the proceeding days police had searched properties in Oldham, Burnley, and Cheshire in a bid to arrest him. A 23-year-old man was arrested at a house in an unspecified town in Cheshire and charged with assisting an offender.

  1. March 2024, finally brought to justice for the murder of PC Sharon Beshenivsky who was fatally shot in Bradford on November 18th, 2005 by a gang led by Pirran Ditta Khan.

The shootings of PC Beshenivsky, who died of her wounds, and PC Theresa Milburn, who was badly wounded in Morley Street, Bradford, occurred as the two police officers arrived to investigate a reported break-in at a travel agent’s premises. The burglary at the travel agents had been organised by Pirran Ditta Khan, although he denied carrying a gun or carrying out the actual shootings. Other members of the gang were arrested in the following months, but Khan evaded a police hunt by fleeing the UK.

Not for the first time, the main suspect fled the UK and went to ground in Pakistan, a not unusual method of evading prosecution in Britain for certain members of the ethnic minorities. In 2023 Pirran Ditta Khan was finally extradited from Pakistan to the UK to stand trial for murder at Leeds Crown Court after years of diplomatic negotiations between the UK and Pakistan.

  1. Not forgetting the trial last year of Mohammed Taroos Khan, convicted of the murder of his niece Somaiya Begum in July 2022 – another splendid example of British culture being enriched by the customs, traditions and beliefs of an immigrant Pakistani community.

2023 – Mohammed Taroos Khan was found guilty of the murder of his niece, Somaiya Begum in Bradford. Twenty-year-old Somayiya Begum went missing from her home in Bradford on June 25th 2022 and her body was found dumped on wasteland ten days later. Her killer was her uncle, Mohammed Taroos Khan, this was a ‘family honour killing’. Somaiya Begum had been subject to an attempted forced marriage to a cousin in Pakistan when she was 16-years-old.

Her father, Mohammed Yaseen Khan was subject to a Forced Marriage Protection Order by a British court to prevent Yaseen Khan forcing his daughter to travel with him to Pakistan to marry a cousin. The 20-year-old student moved out of the family home to live with other relatives in order to escape her father’s violent temper and strict Muslim practices.

Yaseen Khan left the UK to return to Pakistan, the court was told that he was “incandescent with rage” at his daughter’s refusal to marry, but was that the only reason why he took a one-way ticket back to Pakistan? Could it be that Yaseen Khan was keen to avoid the British legal system?

Other members of the Pakistani community in Bradford offered the opinion that in such a case involving ‘family honour’ it was the duty of the older brother to clean up the mess! So her father’s brother, Mohammed Taroos Khan, referred to in court as Taroos Khan, denied murder but admitted assisting his brother by disposing of Somaiya Begum’s body, burning her mobile phone and an overall charge of perverting the course of justice.

In court, Taroos Khan admitted to some offences but denied murder and tellingly saying, “He doesn’t know who killed her, or he is not prepared to say who killed her.” The cultural enrichment simply flowed out from this case.

Way back in the 1970’s the anti-racism activists of the far-left would hold marches and protests in defence of immigrant communities and would hold up placards stating, “Here to live, here to stay!” as a counter to British Nationalists holding up placards stating “Stop Immigration. Start Repatriation!”

The leftist of course neglected to consider individuals who flee back to Pakistan/ India/ Bangladesh, the Middle East or Africa when they are faced with arrest for some criminal offence. Of course what the left should have said was ‘Here to live, here to stay – unless they are wanted for a serious crime’, in which case even second-generation immigrants are only too keen to return to their ethnic home country.

Honour killings and honour crimes are not part of White British culture and UK laws have had to be changed to reflect the impact of such imported culturally driven crimes. As mentioned above, what the mainstream media refer to as “Honour based abuse” has been recorded by various police forces across England as having risen by as much as 60% in just two years. Obviously, the murder in Bradford of Somaiya Begum in the summer of 2022 by her uncle fits squarely into that category.

What the ‘progressive Left’ and the liberals in the mainstream media avoid mentioning is that the more “diverse and vibrant”, the more multiracial and multicultural the population of a British town or city becomes, the greater the rise of ‘honour-based abuse cases’ increases.

Consider this report on the latest findings, which relate to just England, not including Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland.
“The number of “honour-based” abuse offences recorded by English police forces has increased by more than 60% in two years, figures suggest, with concerns voiced that increased polarisation is partly to blame.

Data from 26 out of 39 constabularies approached showed that there were 2,594 cases of “honour-based” abuse, which includes forced marriage, rape, death threats and assault – in 2022, compared with 1,599 in 2020, “the figures reflected his experience that honour-based offences “are not just rising, but getting more severe”.

The Metropolitan police, West Midlands and Greater Manchester forces recorded the highest rates of honour-based abuse in 2021 and 2022. Across the two years, the Met recorded 1,213 cases, including 514 cases of violence. There were two attempted murders, 32 rapes, 310 cases of forced marriage and 49 cases of female genital mutilation.

Greater Manchester police’s tally of 729 cases included 42 of rape, 65 assaults causing actual bodily harm, 56 forced marriage offences, 104 of assault and battery and 153 instances of controlling or coercive behaviour in an intimate or family relationship. West Midlands recorded 729 cases, including 115 of coercive behaviour in an intimate relationship, 27 of rape, 19 forced marriages and 90 threats to kill.”

Strangely, the report above does not mention murder based on so-called “honour killings”. Does any person reading this article actually believe that any of this refers to the White majority population of England?

Issues like forced marriage, honour killings, or female genital mutilation are not in any way part of White British culture or White European culture, and the only reason that these practices are now issues for law enforcement is because the political left has encouraged the mass immigration of non-Whites into Britain and all the above ‘cultural differences’ are the toxic by-products of a “truly multicultural country”.

Sadly, Bradford is a city that all too often reflects those toxic alien customs and imported attitudes.


Top Image: Photo by lilartsy on Unsplash.

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