Fusilier Lee Rigby – Never Forget  Never Forgive

Lee Rigby RIP

It is now ten years since Fusilier Lee Rigby was ambushed and butchered in broad daylight on the streets of Woolwich South-East London. The silence from the mainstream media, the old-gang political parties and the political Left has been deafening.

Lee Rigby was White, working-class and a soldier serving with the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers. He was walking back to his barracks in broad daylight on a busy Woolwich street on 22nd May 2013, when he was singled out and attacked by two Islamist fanatics. His two killers were ‘British-Nigerians’ who had been brought up as Christians but had converted to radical Islam.

Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale used their Vauxhall Tigra to strike the soldier from behind as he crossed the road. They then proceeded to hack at Lee’s body with knives in an attempt to decapitate him before dumping him in the middle of the road. Their savagery was recorded by horrified onlookers on their mobile phones.

Both men were shot by police after attempting to attack them at the scene. Unfortunately both survived and were sentenced to life imprisonment at the Old Bailey.

British Movement will not only never forget the horrendous crime of Lee Rigby’s murder – we will never forgive the killers or those who refuse to acknowledge the crime.

The London Somme Association parade in honour of Lee Rigby, accompanied by the Corby Loyalist Flute Band. May 21, 2023.


Top Image: Public Domain.

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