Tearing The Heart Out Of Our Communities

ghost towns

You don’t have to look far these days to see that something is definitely wrong with our society. Local shopping centres, which not long ago were the heartbeat of every community, now resemble ghost towns.

Where not so long ago shoppers would pack out streets, the hustle and bustle of life and conversation were on display for all to see and feel. Nowadays, shopping centres are crammed with charity shops selling tat that someone else has left behind. The charity shops also prominently display signs of their LGBTQ support in their windows.

Once-vibrant town markets have been reduced to a handful of stalls or flea markets selling second-hand crap; yet again, it is what others were throwing out. Where once people with ideas and vision took pride in their goods, now there are either Turkish barbershops, takeaway’s, or pound shops. Major shopping chains are leaving or closing, and even the banks are shutting down. Now indigenous people sit begging, and people pass them by as if it were the normal thing.

The councils spend money on their town halls and pump money into their so-called rejuvenation plans, targeting their own agendas and not taking into account the knock-on effect it has on the indigenous communities that have been the backbone of society in Britain.

Long gone are the family butchers, fishmongers, greengrocers, flower shops and bakeries. You could walk down any main street and smell the fresh bread being baked. Gone are the bustling cafes where old and young could afford a cheap meal and drink, replaced by big coffee chains and foreign franchises that control the prices.

Your local council would sooner have shop’s empty with hiked rates, making it impossible for new businesses to flourish or even survive with legislation on parking, pedestrianisation zones or any other thing they can come up with. Supermarkets and retail parks have become more appealing because parking is more accessible than in town or city centres. Bus lanes, cycle lanes, and green zones all now dominate and take priority.

Long gone is the friendly shopkeeper who actually knew his trade and welcomed you with a friendly smile and conversation. Now replaced by ignorance and rudeness. Polite people who would hold a door open and remember their manners have now been replaced with foreign nationals not even speaking English.

The new so-called diversity is so vibrant within cities and towns that people have taken to ordering online as they feel safer and find it easier to do so. So cities and towns have been left to rot, and the lunatics have completely taken over and have been allowed to thrive within the centres.

Nowadays, you go into a city or town centre feeling totally alienated; it’s as though you were stepping into a foreign land. People no longer congregate in masses as they did in the past. They no longer have the choice that previous generations had and enjoyed. Accents, traditions and customs have all been replaced with this ‘wonderful diversity’ that the council and government have been telling us is for our benefit.

Well Not On My Watch!


Top Image: Ben Garratt on Unsplash.
Lower Images: Benny Whitelaw.

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