BM Activists Hit The Streets Of Wigan – Again!

standish demo

BM activists turned out in support of locals in Standish, Wigan, where a demonstration had been organised in protest against the decision to use a second hotel in the village to house illegal Invaders. 120 male asylum seekers, all of fighting age, are planned to be housed in the posh Kilhey Court hotel. This website has covered the story recently and the post can be found here>>

Hundreds of local people have united in protest against the plan, although it was reported that among the protesters were people chanting slogans like “send them back” while baiting the police (it must be true if it’s in the ‘papers’). A small, pro-refugee counterprotest was organised by a group of Marxists.

The anti-asylum demonstration had been organised by Ince and Scholes independent councillor Maureen O’Bern, who was attacked by the usual suspects for listening and acting on the wishes of the people who voted for her.

Wigan Trades Council issued a statement before the demo, which included the usual left-wing claptrap: “On the back of this Tory strategy, far right organisations are attempting to get support for more extreme policies, targeting refugees as the culprits, diverting attention away from the government. This can only lead to the type of violence we have seen in Liverpool recently, and an increase in racist attacks.

“That is why Wigan Trades Council is opposed to the anti-refugee activities being organised by Coun. O’Bern: activities based on lies and intended to polarise the community; sowing bitterness and hatred and attracting members of the far right and neo-fascists.”

Coun. O’Bern stuck to her guns, replying, “More lies and propaganda from the far-left extremists.”

Another slap on the back for our Wigan comrades. They are putting many larger BM units to shame with their activism. Enough is enough: it’s time to put our own people first.

Britain/Wigan Awake.

BM activists at the demonstration.


Top Image: Marxist counter-demonstrators in Wigan. Image from Facebook.
Lower Image: British Movement Northern.

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