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Björn Höcke

Just months before an election in which he hopes to become govenor of Thurigia in the East of Germany, Björn Höcke of the Alternative für Deutschland has been fined by a German court for using a prohibited National Socialist slogan in 2021. The charge carried a maximum sentence of three years in prison.

Judges in the state court in Halle fined Höcke 13,000 euros last Tuesday for using the phrase “Alles fur Deutschland” (“Everything for Germany”) during a 2021 campaign rally. The slogan is illegal in modern-day, ‘democratic’ Germany. Höcke remained defiant throughout the proceedings, accusing the state of “political repression”. Red demonstrators gathered outside of the court before the trial started, with banners including “Björn Höcke is a Nazi” and “Stop AfD!”

The offending slogan is associated with the Sturmabteilung (more commonly known as the ‘SA’), who were responsible for the protection of NSDAP meetings and activities during the years of struggle. The National Socialists did use it, but so did their opponents. The image published below is from the front page of a December 1931 issue of ‘Das Reichsbanner’ newspaper, published in support of the Social Democratic Party. “Everything for Germany” or in full: “Nothing for us, everything for Germany”. It was used by the Reichsbanner Schwarz-Red-Gold and the Iron Front (the Iron Front was an alliance of the SPD, the Reichsbanner and trade unions founded in 1931 to fight the National Socialists).

The SA were victorious in the fight for control of the streets against the violent thugs and murderers of the KPD (German Communist Party) and their allies. Readers are recommended to read our series on the Martyrs Of The Revolution, which memorialises the forgotten heroes who gave their lives so that Germany and Europe could live.

52-year-old Höcke, whose grandparents were expelled Germans from East Prussia, is an influential figure in the AfD but is considered an “extremist” by the German intelligence services. The Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV) is led by a convert to Judaism who hates his own people and history. The charismatic Hocke is being touted as a future leader of the AfD, but he is opposed by AfD leaders in the affluent Western part of Germany.

He had previously called Berlin’s Holocaust memorial a “monument of shame”. A party tribunal in 2018 rejected a bid to have him expelled for his remarks. At an AfD meeting in Thuringia last December, he allegedly shouted, “Everything for …” to which the audience replied: “Germany”. He was charged with criminal incitement in February 2024 after prosecutors claimed he incited racial hatred in 2022 by connecting a violent crime in Ludwigshafen, a city in the southwest, to Muslim immigration in a Telegram post.

The BM has no connections with either the Alternative für Deutschland or Björn Höcke himself. The AfD is not a racial Nationalist or National Socialist organisation, and can be regarded in the main as a reactionary ‘right-wing’ party. It is still to be seen if the genuine Nationalists amongst its membership can wrest control away from the bourgoise conservatives in the west.

“Nothing for us, everything for Germany”


Top Image: X (Twitter)
Lower Image: Public Domain.

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