The Annual Führer Hike To The Fylfot Stone

annual April ‘Fuhrer hike’

Main Image: The 4000 year old ‘Fylfot’ or Swastika Stone surrounded by railings.

Our 2022 ‘Fuhrer hike’ was again to the Swastika Stone on Rombalds Moor in West Yorkshire. The Fylfot, or Swastika Stone, is a famous prehistoric rock carving which can be found on Woodhouse Crag on the northern edge of Ilkley Moor. The activity was well supported by comrades from across West Yorkshire, Hull and the Black Country.

Once again our activity was blessed by glorious Spring weather, with short-sleeved shirts the order of the day.

BM activists on the annual Führer Hike.

Unfortunately, this year’s hike was also tinged with sadness, as we had been asked to spread the ashes of Nigel Piggins, a long-time activist with the National Front and the British Movement.

Spreading Nigel’s ashes over the Swastika Stone.

‘Only The Forgotten Are Dead’

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