Halifax – The Wild West Of West Yorkshire

Halifax, Yorkshire, From Penny Magazine March 15, 1834.

Halifax is not a city, but a busy post-industrial town, it has become a sad example of what immigration over the decades since the 1960’s can impact on the character and ethnic makeup of a town.

February 2023 at Bradford Crown Court
Three men from Halifax are found guilty and jailed for a total of eleven and a half years for a shooting incident in August last year. At 6pm on August 11th 2022, at the premises of Lux Tyres on Hopwood Lane, a group of Asian men fired a shotgun into the Lux Tyres building.

Initially West Yorkshire Police arrested five men and recovered an illegally held shotgun. At Bradford Crown Court, three men were sentenced for the attack.

Abanob Shawky Botos of No Fixed Address was jailed for five years for “conspiring to possess a firearm with intent to cause fear of violence.” Jarvan Peart of Free School Lane, Halifax was also jailed for five years for the same offence. Mohammed Faheem Mahmood was jailed for 18 months for assisting an offender.

February 2023, police were alerted to an incident on Lister Lane, Halifax at 9.10pm, when a shotgun was fired at the windows of a ground floor flat, causing damage but no casualties. Police later arrested a 26-year-old man from the Gibbet Street and Pellon area of Halifax, no further details at the time of writing.

January 2023 at Bradford Crown Court
Amjad Hussain, age 37 from Halifax was, jailed for four years for “inflicting grievous bodily harm.” At 7.30pm on November 16th 2020, two unnamed men were walking to a restaurant on Queens Road, Halifax when they became aware that they were being followed by a car.

The car pulled up at the kerb and Amjad Hussain and an accomplice jumped out of the vehicle and chased one of the men into an alleyway where Hussain and the second man attacked their victim with hammers. The victim was beaten to the ground, kicked and punched.

Hussain threatened his injured victim with the words, “We know where you live – we will kill you and your family if you go to the police.” The victim did go to the police and in January 2023, Amjad Hussain was sentenced to four years jail.

Amazingly at his trial, Hussain’s defence lawyer argued the Hussain was a good man who had not been in trouble with the police since he was a teenager, and asked the court to be lenient because Hussain helped the homeless as a volunteer at a local church in Halifax and gave out slices of leftover pizza
from the takeaway where he worked to the homeless!

Obviously Amjad Hussain is a model citizen (a poor attempt at BM sarcasm here!).

Abanob Shawky Botos, Jarvan Peart & Mohammed Faheem Mahmood. Inset: Amjad Hussain,


Top Image: Halifax, Yorkshire, From Penny Magazine March 15, 1834. Charles Knight, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons.

Bottom Image: West Yorks Police.

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