An Amnesty In All But Name

An Amnesty In All But Name

An estimated 12,000 illegals from Afghanistan, Syria, Eritrea, Libya, and the Yemen who have sought asylum in the United Kingdom and are awaiting a judgement, will be handed a questionnaire that could be used to determine their claims in an effort to reduce the increasing backlog of pending cases.

Under the system, adult asylum seekers and their dependent children will not be immediately questioned; instead, they will be issued a 10-page, 40-question questionnaire to complete and return within an initial 20 working days. If it is not returned in time, they will be offered an extension.

The usual suspects are already wailing that this is unfair. How can these people, the majority who cannot speak English, be expected to complete the questionnaire? Well let us put their minds at rest. There will be a multitude of immigration lawyers, left-wing activists, NGO volunteers and other fellow travellers who will be falling over themselves to help these illegals stay in this country.

Meanwhile one senior government source told the MailOnline that the scheme was “an asylum amnesty in all but name.

“One major issue here is that it will encourage people from these nationalities who are not yet in the UK to come here and attempt to get asylum,” they added.

“It will also push up immigration figures because once these 12,000 have been granted refugee status they’ll be able to bring relatives here through the family reunion scheme.”

Predictably, Labour’s shadow home secretary, Yvette Cooper, said: “It’s damning that the Home Office isn’t doing this already, given Labour has been calling for the fast-tracking of cases – including for safe countries like Albania – for months and the UNHCR recommended it two years ago.

“Meanwhile, the asylum backlog has skyrocketed – up by 50% since Rishi Sunak promised to clear it.

“After 13 years of Government, the Conservatives clearly have no idea how to fix the mess they have made of the asylum system.”

Can anyone really say that this government’s solution to the ‘invader’ crisis comes as a surprise? The Tories don’t care about anything other than clinging on to power and personal profit. These new citizens will be a welcome addition to the workforce. Vital cogs in our national economy such as Deliveroo, Just Eat, the Private Hire taxis firms, Amazon deliveries and hand-car washes must all be over-the-moon.

Unfortunately, for the indigenous Britons stuck at the end of a local authority housing waiting list, those struggling to get a doctor’s appointment or an NHS dentist, this is just another kick-in-the-teeth from a political establishment that places no value on them, their families and the contribution their ancestors have made in building this country.


Top Image: Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash.

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