Helping To Preserve The Beauty Of Formby

helping to preserve formby nature reserve

BM North-West takes part in a low-profile volunteer litter pick on the Formby National Trust Nature Reserve, Liverpool.

Last week, an activist from BM North West visited Formby Nature Reserve and did a litter pick along the beach. He was thanked by members of the public. Formby National Trust Nature Reserve has some of Europe’s best sand dune habitats, where many rare species, including natterjack toads, thrive. Formby is also within the North Merseyside and West Lancashire red squirrel stronghold, one of a few refuges left for red squirrels across the UK.

The National Trust website states that: “The Sefton Coast at Formby contains a tantalising glimpse into the lives of our ancient, hunter-gatherer ancestors. On warm days as long ago as 6000 BC, the footprints of the humans that lived on the coast and the animals that sustained them were preserved through a process of sun, sand and mud. The sediment beds that contain the footprints are exposed by tidal erosion and offer a unique insight into the prehistoric life of the area.

The human population that inhabited prehistoric Formby subsisted on a protein rich diet that included fish, deer, aurochs (a large, wild ox), birds and their eggs. Foraged foods would have made a good proportion of their diet, such as shrimps, razor clams, winkles and edible seaweed.”

Looking after our environment is all part and parcel of the British Movement’s NS Folk Community agenda.

Helping to look after our environment

The natural environment is important to our overall programme and it is often small-scale activities such as the litter picking undertaken at Formby that demonstrate to ordinary, non-political members of the public that there is more to our ideological position than just race and immigration.

Green issues and environmental policies are not the preserve of the Greens or the left-wing environmental front organisations. The ‘Blood and Soil’ policies of National Socialism were way ahead of the political Left, and so-called ‘green politics’ were only captured by the Left in the 1960’s, with the Marxists keen to scrub out any suggestions that environmentalism had its roots in National Socialism or Fascism.

Clearing litter from coastal sand dunes and the paths of a nature reserve is symbolic of our need to clear away the trash created by a throw-away consumer society, the easily disposable rubbish generated by a globalist fast food industry and a general public that does not care where the litter falls.


Top Image: British Movement Northern
Formby Sand Dunes Image: Public Domain
Lower Image and Video: British Movement Northern

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