Victory For Cottingham!

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The University of Hull has confirmed it will not sell either of its remaining former student halls of residence in Cottingham to the Home Office for use as asylum seeker accommodation.

The decision comes after the residents of the village, along with other activists, mounted a spirited campaign against the plans. Meeting, marches and other protests were held.

University Vice-Chancellor Professor Dave Petley said: “Following the decision in December to delay the decision regarding the sale of The Lawns and Ferens Hall, the university has agreed to rule out the sale of the property to the Home Office or any other buyers who advise that they intend to use the site for accommodation for the Home Office.

“We have listened closely to the feedback from the community and, following constructive conversations with members of the community, regional MPs, the police, the NHS, local authorities and other key stakeholders, we have taken this decision based on the concerns which have been raised.

“At its heart, the university is committed to playing a positive role in the community and it is crucial that we listen and respond to the needs of local people. While the university still intends to sell the property, we will continue to engage with key stakeholders in the region to determine a financially viable alternative for The Lawns and Ferens Hall that reflects the communities’ priorities.”

This small victory by the campaigners in Cottingham is only the first in a long war. We cannot rely on any of the establishments’ tame politicians to stand up for us. The truth is neither Labour or the Tories give a damn about our people. We must look after our own.


Top Image: Image by darkalfar from Pixabay.

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