Homeless Tents Outside ‘Shithole’ Salford ‘Sanctuary City’ Council


An article by Nationalist contributor and council insider ‘Frustrated’.

The tents of Britain’s swelling numbers of homeless people are increasingly appearing throughout Greater Manchester, and some have even reached the entrance of Salford City Council at the civic centre in Swinton. Sadly, this makes parts of Salford look more like a ‘Third World’ shanty town than an advanced western city at the beginning of 2024!

So Mayor Paul Dennett ignored his role in making Salford a ‘sanctuary city’ for ‘refugees’ in 2023 and blamed the crisis on the government, whining: “Salford is responding to a national housing and homeless crisis. In the last few weeks, there have been significant increases in homelessness presentations, and tragically, people having no alternative are being forced to sleep ‘rough’ on our streets.” Indeed there is!

Dennett added: “To save lives and offer support over these winter months, Salford City Council have no alternative but to consider options that aren’t ideal to help vulnerable residents. We are therefore temporarily opening an overnight welfare facility to provide some basic cold-weather cover.”

The latest surge in homeless cases is driven by migrants leaving the asylum system. It was foreseen in a carelessly revealed GMPA letter dated 24th March 2023 by Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham, and his Deputy (from Salford) Paul Dennett, to the then Home Secretary Suella Braverman.

In their letter, they predicted a surge in homelessness cases would result from the government’s streamlining of asylum processing claims with their new ‘asylum questionnaires”. Because, this would effectively give an amnesty to thousands of illegal migrants so the Tories could reduce the ‘sensitive’ backlog of ‘asylum seekers’ kept in luxury hotels in the run up to the general election. Therefore, the resulting surge of mostly fit young men leaving the asylum system from taxpayer funded accommodation would then create “unmanageable demands” on the statutory homeless services of the Greater Manchester councils whose waiting lists for social housing were already overstretched!

Sky News has reported the crisis being faced by local councils, as thousands of fit young migrant men now exit taxpayer-funded accommodation and join their housing lists. So many migrant men are having to sleep rough near council housing estates, causing worry for the parents of young girls.

Mayor Dennett should also remember that on the 24th March 2023, Salford Labour Councillor Wilson Nkurunziza, who carelessly revealed his confidential GMPA letter, tweeted: “Good news, the City of Salford has been awarded the status of City of Sanctuary. Thanks to everyone involved in the process.” This included Mayor Paul Dennett, who therefore helped to cause the current homelessness crisis!

Salford was awarded the status of ‘City of Sanctuary’ for going above the call of duty in welcoming and supporting over four times the national average of ‘refugees’. This was despite Salford already having a chronic homelessness crisis with huge pressure on the council’s budgets and resources. So was it really ‘good news’ Labour wants to welcome even more immigrants into struggling Salford.

Regardless of Salford’s homelessness crisis, Salford Mayor Paul Dennett was a key driver of Labour’s campaign to welcome even more thousands of dodgy ‘refugees’ to be accommodated (dumped) into the ‘sanctuary’ of Salford by the Home Office in order to spare the leafy Tory suburbs of immigrants.

Mayor Paul Dennett congratulated his Labour colleague Councillor Nkurunziza for his role in ‘winning’ Salford this ‘prestigious’ sanctuary city award and personally proposed him as a candidate to be re-elected for Pendleton and Charlestown ward in the May 2023 local elections on the Council website.

So is it any wonder that our Tory Home Secretary, James Cleverly, apparently considers Labour controlled ‘sanctuary cities’ like Salford to be suitable ‘shithole’ towns to dump his illegal immigrants!


Top Image: Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash.

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