The National Horror Service

National Horror Service

People arguing with each other. Staff shouting at patients. No food or water. No working toilets. Sick children made to sleep on a floor covered with dirt, blood and spit along with neglected babies crying out in pain and discomfort… this may sound like an A&E department in war torn Raqqa, but in reality, this was the state of the Sunderland Royal Hospital A&E department one night last November.

I took my 3 year old daughter to the children’s emergency walk in department (at my local hospital) at 5pm because she developed breathing difficulties. After a four hour wait I was told to take her to Sunderland Royal as the walk-in centre was closing at 9pm but my daughter needed monitoring.

I arrived at the hospital and explained to reception that my daughter was poorly. I was told to find somewhere to sit and wait… my daughter and I ended up cuddled together on the filthy wet floor, along with other sick and poorly people. I won’t bore you with the details but we were eventually seen just before 5am the following morning and my daughter was admitted after being diagnosed with pneumonia.

I asked why it took so long to be seen, why they deemed it acceptable to leave people waiting and why there were no adequate facilities for such a long wait? The only answer I kept getting was that there was not enough staff and not enough beds for patients. The staff agreed the NHS isn’t at breaking point, it actually IS broken and it’s only getting worse. There simply isn’t enough money being pumped into the trust in order for it to offer the service that it once did.

So I decided to look at some facts and figures. Now I certainly don’t claim to be a mathematician or a financial expert for that matter but the following should give you a rough idea, the figures I have used are top end from the results I researched;
Currently there are 170 A&E departments in the UK. An A&E doctor earns an average of £120,000 a year. An A&E Senior Staff nurse can earn up to £40,000 a year. A new hospital bed costs approx. £5,000.

If each of the 170 A&E departments employed 2 extra doctors along with 8 new nurses (four to support each doctor) and 5 new beds, then this would cost the NHS a staggering £99,450,000. We are told that the money isn’t there to fund such extras. So why then can our pathetic government spend in excess of £5.5m per day to accommodate groups of migrant men who have entered this country by illegal means?

At the time of writing, our government are spending over TWO BILLION pounds of tax payer’s money per year to house these economic migrants. If the politicians stopped wasting the tax payer’s money on these third world leaches, then the NHS could easily afford the extra staff and the beds I have suggested… and still have £1,908,050,000 left over!!!

The truth is, the government and politicians don’t want to fix the NHS and help out the indigenous folk of these lands. They are too preoccupied housing non-white, third world, economic migrants and foreign criminals whilst our children lay poorly on filthy hospital floors.

And they say the great replacement is just a right-wing conspiracy.


Top Image: Public Domain. Lisa Jarvis / Emergency Department, Edinburgh Royal Infirmary.

Lower Image: Photo by Stephen Andrews on Unsplash.

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