Issue 15 Of The Emblem Is Out Now!

the emblem issue 15

Issue 15 of The Emblem is out now! The British Movement’s digital newspaper is free and contains a wide range of articles and reports that will be of interest to all Nationalists.

With the world a complete mess we all need more information about what is happening, with an honest take on events and not the scare mongering falsehoods dished out by the mainstream media. The Emblem is a small offering towards this.

The latest issue contains articles on the Liverpool bombing, restrictions on the unvaccinated, the New World Order and the race controversy in cricket. Henry Williamson (Tarka The Otter) and Yukio Mishima are featured and are well-worth a read. The regular report from Australia along with a Readers Thought’s section round off this issue.

The Emblem Team hope you enjoy issue 15.

Reports that Posh Spice is a regular reader are completely fictitious and are just our poor attempt at humour…

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