Liverpool ‘Gangstas’ post Rap video from Prison

toxteth gangsta shooting

Shootings and Violent Crime in 2022 – Multicultural Toxteth Leads the Field.

A ‘Gangsta’ Rap video recorded in Forest Bank prison in Salford by Liverpool ‘gangstas’ and posted on YouTube and TikTok. The two upstanding citizens, L1 Manny and Mozza L20, together with their ‘mandem’, celebrated their time on the wing in HMP Forest Bank by recording the rap track and posting it on-line. For some reason prison staff were totally unaware of this activity.

It appears that Black gang culture imported from the ghettos of the USA is a central theme to much of the gang related crime in Toxteth. Not so much “Straight Outta Compton” as much as straight out ofToxteth.

One wonders as to what the official response would have been if a group of incarcerated White British prisoners had posted a ‘White Power’ ballad which had been recorded on the prison wing?

The above video posting seems to underline the multicultural background to violent crime, especially gang related shootings on Merseyside. According to Merseyside Police data, the most violent districts in Liverpool are the Hub-Four, principally Toxteth, plus fringe areas of Edge Hill, Wavertree and Aigburth. It is worth noting that certain vocal members of the Liverpool Labour Party frequently praise the district of Toxteth as being “diverse and vibrant”.

At Liverpool Crown Court on January 10th 2023, a violent Toxteth teenager was jailed for his part in a drive by shooting in Toxteth last year. Rio Jones was 18-years-old when he opened fire on a rival drug dealer on Upper Warwick Street Toxteth. Unfortunately this ‘drive by shooting’ went badly wrong.

Rio Jones rode down the street on an electric bike, chasing after his rival, Shakur Watson, before opening fire. The wild shootings main victim was a 15-year-old school girl standing at a bus stop but a 20 year old man was hit and suffered a gun shot wound to a hand.

Before the court conviction images were eventually released to the press, it was possible to guess the ethnic origins of the shooter and his intended victim by their names. The ethnic background of the innocent young girl by-stander, wounded in the shooting, was not disclosed.

Meanwhile later in 2022 in Toxteth….

August 17th 2022 a man in his mid-20’s was fatally gunned down in Toxteth by two males who fled the scene on electric bikes. This case is an ongoing investigation, but the details suggest local drug gang involvement at some level. The use of electric bikes in the Toxteth area by drug couriers and gang affiliates appears to be a common thread.

Finally, outside Toxteth there was the fatal shooting on the Wirral on Christmas Eve 2022. This was an unusual situation because the main victim was a young White woman, and according to local information, so far unconfirmed, all the victims were White as was the suspected shooter.

This horrendous mass shooting gained national media coverage because of the killing of Elle Edwards, an attractive young woman who was basically “collateral damage” when a young man opened fire into the crowd of drinkers in the Lighthouse pub in Wallasey village, with a sub-machine gun, wounding several other people. So far the motive for this attack is under investigation.


Top Image: Merseyside Police and Google Maps.

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