Martyrs Of The Revolution: Max Beulich

Max Beulich

Max Beulich. 09.01.1913 – 04.04.1932
Gau Sashsen
SA-Gruppe Saschen.

This report is about the death of the SA man Max Baulich, who was attacked by communists after a rally. In addition, another 17 National Socialists were injured. In 1932, the NSDAP had 84 dead (of which fifty-eight were killed by Communists, fifteen by Iron Front supporters, four by police officers, two by Center Party supporters and one by his father and one by his brother).

After an NSDAP meeting in Chemnitz, Saxony, the SA units marched back to their home towns. The group from Mittweida was attacked by communists shortly before they reached their destination. SA man Max Beulich received a severe stab wound in the back during the confrontation. The nineteen-year-old SA man died the same day after emergency surgery as a result of the stab wound which punctured his liver.

Max Beulich was born in Mittweida, Saxony, about sixty kilometers west of Dresden, on January 9, 1913. After attending elementary school, he worked as an agricultural labourer and milker (dairy man?). Initially a communist, his family was opposed to Adolf Hitler and National Socialism. in October 1931, at the age of eighteen, Max Beulich joined the NSDAP and a few days later the SA.

The street where the attack took place was renamed Max-Beulich-Strasse after 1933. Furthermore, the division 5/154, Neukirchen in the Ore Mountains bore the name of the dead man. After 1945 the street was renamed Oststrasse.

Despite efforts to save him, Max Beulich died the same day.

Max’s two brothers belonged to the Reichbanner* and the Communist Party. After the funeral they told the political leader of the NSDAP that they would now see the NS movement with different eyes, according to the SA comrades of the deceased.

The Reichbanner brother is quoted as saying: “This day is a turning point in my life, I have today become a different person. I will speak with my other brother and see you again.”

A plaque dedicated to the martyr.

*Formed in Feb 1924, the Reichbanner was a paramilitary group which drew mainly on the SPD’s rank-and-file membership. It opposed the National Socialists and anti-semitism. In 1931, an ‘Iron Front’ was created that was composed of the Reichsbanner, trade unions, and some youth sports groups. It frequently engaged in street battles with the SA. By 1932, it had over 3 million adherents.

Only The Forgotten Are Dead”

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