Manchester BM Clean Up Thor’s Cave!

thor's cave clean up

The first week of April saw activists from BM Greater Manchester continue their campaign to clean up our countryside and help put across a positive image of the BM and its members. Their sterling work speaks volumes for the green credentials of National Socialism.

While wealthy time-serving politicians like Michael Gove were being applauded by their weak, entitled colleagues in the establishment for ‘exposing’ extremism, young idealistic patriots were trudging through the mud and rain, helping to give a small corner of our land a spring clean.

The first location visited was the world-famous Thor’s Cave in the Peak District. Located around a mile away from the village of Wetton, the cave sits in a steep limestone crag that overlooks Manifold Valley. The limestone was formed from layers of dead marine animals between 280 and 360 million years ago.

The caves in the area were formed over thousands of years by the effects of water and wind. Stone tools, amber beads and bronze items have been found in the cave during archaeological excavations. Thor’s Cave itself was the site of a Bronze Age burial, with some of the artefacts on display in nearby museums.

The second location to receive the attention of BM Greater Manchester was a local park in the Trafford area of the city. Several bin bags of rubbish were collected, which did not go unnoticed by other visitors to the area, with a number thanking the BM for their efforts.

Environmental clean-ups are a win-win activity for the BM. Firstly, we are helping to create a better environment for our people and the birds, mammals, insects and plants that are under pressure from the encroachment of our population explosion. Secondly, it brings home to our people that National Socialism is a million miles away from the fictionalised Hollywood ‘Nazi’.

Love your country. Manchester Awake!


All Images: British Movement.

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