We Warned You, We Told You… But You Weren’t Listening

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The news that homeowners are being told their houses will be compulsory purchased to give to asylum seekers has come as a shock to most people. Many refuse to believe it, leading to the most stupid and cowardly among them to shoot the messenger, as attested to in the quotes below.

“A bloke went mental with me in a pub when I told him this months ago. He said I was talking shite, stirring up trouble and threatened to batter me. It made me laugh when an Indian bouncer asked him to leave. Hope they take his house off him.”

A Leeds BM comrade.

A tabloid newspaper recently ran a story under the headline, EXCLUSIVE: A mother living at an MOD facility said families on the former RAF base had been told to leave, as fencing is erected 100m away ‘for asylum seekers’. A BM supporter from the army’s Catterick Garrison has also told us of how the Ministry of Defence was quietly housing Afghan asylum seekers in the camp.

Social media has for months been awash with reports of indigenous families having to move out of their rented accommodation because landlords want to move in refugees paid for by the Home Office. Under the Housing Act, by issuing a Section 21 ‘No Fault Eviction’ notice a landlord can force renters out with two month’s notice.

“I had similar reactions myself. In Blackburn they’re converting old mills into self-contained flats for the elderly, some of these mills are massive. tell people that they are for those poor sods whose homes will be compulsory purchased and they either call you mad or start getting irate. I think Covid showed just how easily people can be manipulated into allowing their home to be taken, they did it with their freedom (or what little they have left).”

Another BM comrade speaking about the same problem.

If a landlord wants to sell the property, move back in, or even renovate it, they can do so with relative ease by issuing a Section 21, bypassing the need to prove that the tenant has done something wrong. A bill (the Renters (Reform) Bill) outlawing the practice is going through parliament, but this month it was revealed that the ban on Section 21 may be postponed until the justice secretary decides whether the courts will be able to deal with an increase in repossession claims.

Allowing landlords to remove tenants for no reason with just two months’ notice is a major driver of homelessness. According to Shelter, the housing charity, the number of homes evicted by bailiffs as a result of no-fault evictions increased by 39% in 2023 compared to 2022, based on new Ministry of Justice numbers. A further 30,230 landlords started no-fault eviction court proceedings in 2023 – a 28% rise in one year.

Many landlords and developers are intent on securing lucrative Government-backed asylum contracts, and winning one is like winning the lottery – just ask the owners of the hundreds of hotels up-and-down the country used as migrant accommodation. This shortsighted gain for the landlords and hotel chains will not be forgotten nor forgiven. There is growing anger among the ignored and repressed people of Britain and the White world as a whole. An anger that will one day topple the globalists and their paid stooges in parliament.


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