Newcastle Drug Dealer Caught After Car Chase

Whitley Bay drugs

More cultural enrichment by a member of the ethnic minorities.

On the night of November 21st 2022, a police patrol car driving around Whitley Bay spotted a blue Ford Focus driving at speed through the town and gave chase.

The Ford Focus driver lost control of the vehicle and spun the car. The driver and passenger bailed out and ran off in different directions as the police car pulled up at the scene. A quick search of the abandoned Ford Focus turned up a sizeable quantity of bags of cocaine, MDMA and ketamine.

The driver escaped the police but in a search of the area the police found the passenger, 23-year-old Sabbi Miah trying to hide in a wheelie bin. When searched Miah was found to be in possession of £2,800 in cash. The driver escaped and so far has not been identified or arrested.

Documents found on Miah led police to search a flat close to Newcastle city centre where larger quantities of Class A drugs were found. A total of £88,000 worth of cocaine, heroin, ketamine, MDMA and cannabis.

Sabbi Miah of Kingsley Terrace, Newcastle admitted to the possession of the drugs and told Newcastle Crown Court that he only began drug dealing when he lost his job and needed to pay off a large gambling debt.

Sabbi Miah pleaded guilty in December and was sentenced this week.

Miah was convicted and sentenced to just four years and one month in prison, a surprisingly short sentence given the quantities of Class A drugs in his possession and the fact that he was caught in the act of dealing in the Whitley Bay area.

This is not to suggest that all the Class A drug dealers currently polluting Tyne & Wear with their toxic products are non-white, far from it. The police across the North-East are currently arresting a number of White drug dealers and pushers, but those from the ‘ethnic minorities’ appear to be over-represented in the illegal narcotics trade.


Top Image: by Davie Bicker from Pixabay.

Bottom Image: Northumbria Police.

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