Political Police Harass Cumbrian BM

police harass bm members

The news that the police have targeted a group of ‘racial Nationalists in Cumbria’ who had been using the encrypted messaging app Telegram, comes as no surprise. Raids by police against members of the BM and other patriotic organisations happen on a regular basis.

A Cumbrian newspaper carried the story and used quotes from ‘anti-fascism groups’ which feature prominently in the newspaper article.

The report said that “messages sent in the group, which we have chosen not to name, include quotes by Hitler and advice on how to ‘convince’ friends to support ‘National Socialism’.”

“Campaigners have called for action on the group chat to be taken by Telegram, which has been heavily criticised for allowing extremists and conspiracy theorists to use its services”.

Presumably the hacks involved in the story thought that even mentioning the name of the British Movement would lead to their readers wanting to find out more about our organisation. Or perhaps the reporters were just superstitious. Mentioning us by name would bring bad luck in the same way as a broken mirror will bring bad luck for a period of seven years. Whatever the reason, it didn’t stop them giving publicity to a Socialist Workers’ Party front group.

Paul Jenkins, a North West Regional Organiser for Unite Against Fascism, who is based in Cumbria, said: “As was shown in Hitler’s Germany, fascists use democracy and free speech to destroy democracy and free speech for everyone else.” That’s rich coming from the Trotskyist controlled UAF.

We are told continuously that Britain is a democracy, a country that went to war to protect free-speech. Yet here we have the police raiding homes and taking away the property of people with different political views, simply because they do not agree with the liberal/left.

In all cases the seized books and magazines have been returned a few days later and no charges have followed. But the police never really expected to find anything illegal. The raids are used to harass and scare. Unfortunately for them, BM members are made of sterner stuff.

A spokesman for Counter Terror North West said: “The threat to the UK from extreme right wing terrorism is growing, with 12 of the 32 foiled plots since 2017 relating to it, and we take this threat extremely seriously”.

“Counter Terror Policing has a dedicated unit which monitors social media to identify and remove extremist content where possible. If this content breaches TACT legislation, then we will look to arrest and prosecute those responsible”.

The rapidly expanding BM media expertise is not going unnoticed by our enemies.

Hypocrisy Of The British State

Back in March 2021 this website carried a report on a former newspaper editor called Roy Greenslade. This creature was at one time the editor of the Labour Party supporting Daily Mirror, a national newspaper that sells millions of copies every day. The Telegram channel that had caused the furore had 49 followers.

Former editor Greenslade revealed his secret support for Irish republicanism and the extreme violence used by paramilitary forces. Greenslade, who also held various positions on other Fleet Street titles, also confirmed he is a member of Sinn Fein.

Deciding to ‘come out of hiding’, he tried to justify the murder campaigns carried out by the IRA during the Troubles. He is quoted as saying: “I came to accept that the fight between the forces of the state and a group of insurgents was unequal and therefore could not be fought on conventional terms. In other words, I supported the use of physical force.”

The ability to influence public opinion, to steer impressionable minds in whatever political direction it chooses, is a known fact about the mass media. The so-called free press is nothing of the sort. It exists to keep people tied to the establishment and its tame politicians. Anybody who doesn’t conform is viciously attacked by these defenders of free speech.

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