Riley’s Anti-BM Tweet Backfires

Riley's Anti-BM Tweet

Countdown mathematician Rachel Riley probably thought she was on safe ground when she posted her tweet about BM ‘Terror’ stickers in North London. Unfortunately for her, the tweet went viral, with Twitter users taking her to task for describing the messages on the stickers as a ‘counter terrorism issue’.

Literally just had a whole day of people questioning why this lot are Neo-Nazis.

Is this the end of days? 🤦‍♀️

Rachel Riley replying to one of the Twitter comments

Her tweet, which she posted on ‘X’ at 3:17pm on December 1, 2023, has been viewed 759.9K times by 8:40pm this evening. That is over seven hundred and fifty thousand people who have seen the BM messages of resistance. Three-quarters of a million views, and it hasn’t cost us a penny!

We would hazard a guess that at least 90% of the comments about her post were critical of her and supporting the slogans on our stickers. Some helpful posters even told others who we were and what our web address was.

Rachel Riley’s tweet and the replies to it can be viewed here: >>
View our original post: Rachel Gets Her Knickers In A Twist Over BM Stickers

Sometimes people will say – what is the point of street activism, a mobilisation, stickering and propaganda etc, isn’t it pointless?

Well there is every point. Every action, little or small brings hope to our people. The little boy being bullied at school by immigrants, the local girl scared to walk to the shops at night. When they see that there is still proud white European men and women it brings hope and courage.

Every revolution or movement begins in the streets. Rome was not built in a day and we must continue to build connections and momentum for our struggle.


Here are a few of the comments to her original tweet implying that the BM is a ‘terrorist’ organisation:


Top Image: Ed Clifton, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Lower Images: X (Twitter)

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