Strength Through Diversity No.179: Useful Idiots

Forced Deportation

A series of short posts on a topic close to London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s heart: “Diversity is our greatest strength.”

Cambridge-educated events co-ordinator Hannah Gaffey is an active supporter of Britain’s experimental multi-racial society. She sees refugees as tortured souls fleeing persecution and fear, who receive unfair treatment from a racist British government. Borders are racist and shouldn’t exist.

Gaffey is from the north west of England, first attending a local state primary school in Salford and then a faith secondary school and sixth form in Bolton. She was then accepted by Queen Mary University of London, where she achieved a first-class honors degree.

‘Useful Idiot’ Hannah Gaffey – not principled enough to risk her expensive holiday abroad.

With the aid of a £20,000 scholarship from a group called FutureFinance, Gaffey studied for her MPhil in Education (Education, Globalisation, and International Development) at the University of Cambridge. Unsurprisingly, she and her partner Bill were passionately anti-Brexit and had previously campaigned online for asylum seekers to be allowed to work.

Gaffey, who lived in Greater Manchester but now works in Norway, has been involved in a number of pro-refugee campaigns, including raising funds for a group called Art Refuge, ‘because the wellbeing of displaced people is important’, and Mosaik Education, which aims to send more refugees to university in this country.

What brought Gaffey to our attention is how she claimed to have helped stop a man from being deported from the United Kingdom while jetting off on her jollies. The story was reported in the Sun newspaper. A criminal on her flight to Jamaica was being deported. On noticing the man, her first reaction was to start crying, but then Gaffey decided to stage a mini-mutiny to stop it.

She did not know or care if the man was a convicted murderer, rapist, violent thug or even criminally insane. Here was a black man being physically restrained by racist officials, and she had to act. “I explained to my fellow passengers that this man was being deported,” explained 26-year-old Gaffey on X (Twitter).

“There were some that shared a feeling of injustice that this was happening, and we were vocal about that.” She made a call to the charity Detention Action for support, then refused to take her seat because “the aircraft is not allowed to take off while people are standing. So we did that”. Isn’t it fortunate that she had that organisations number in her phone address book already?

Brave little Hannah became fearful she might be removed from the flight herself (don’t spoil your expensive holiday, Hannah), so she sat down and the plane started taxiing towards the runway. But the deportee had different ideas and started to struggle violently against those restraining him. At this point, the pilot abandoned takeoff.

Hannah said she felt “elated” when she realised the man was being taken off the plane and was “standing up and smiling”. I’m not sure if the other passengers felt so happy to have their holiday plans shredded by this selfish, self-hating woman. The criminal being repatriated will now have an extended stay in the UK courtesy of the British taxpayer. Thanks Hannah.

In conclusion, Hannah Gaffey is what Lenin described as a ‘useful idiot’. She, along with countless others, think they are helping make the world less racist and more inclusive, without really understanding what is at stake, what they are doing and what the consequences will be. In other words, these “idiots” are being used for political ends by the shadowy string-pullers.


Top Image: Wesley Tingey on Unsplash
Lower Image: Hannah Gaffey on Facebook

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