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An occasional series spotlighting Racial Nationalist and National Socialist organisations across Europe and the world.

The subject of our first close-up is a German Racial Nationalist group called Der III. Weg (The Third Path/Third Way). With the NPD a pale shadow of its former self and the AFD fooling many Germans into believing that it will actually do something about the problems besetting the country, Der III. Weg is like a breath of fresh air.

Der III. Weg was formed in 2013 and is now the leading revolutionary Nationalist movement in Germany. This is an important point: Der III. Weg is not just a political party; it’s a movement with many activities besides parliamentary politics.

Home Loyalty Day 2021

Members are also heavily involved with community activities, supporting the poor and the elderly with food and clothing collections, which they then distribute from party offices. They help clean up the environment, and they offer activities for children and help them with their homework.

During the recent devastating floods in Germany, dozens of members of the party rushed to the Ahr valley to help with flood relief. Party chairman Klaus Armstroff and the state chairman West, Julian Bender, were also on duty in Ahrweiler, an area that has been badly affected by the flood. They are now actively asking for clothing donations, hygiene items, towels, blankets, pillows, etc. which are being distributed in the affected areas.

The Koblenz police, who are responsible for the Ahrweiler region, have nothing better to do in the current situation than to warn off nationalists who are helping those affected in the flood area and helping with the clean-up work.

Instead of helping, protecting against looters or controlling the traffic, the police in Rhineland-Palatinate seem to be more concerned with screening the non-state aid workers in the crisis area for their political views.

One striking feature of their activities is the number of females and young people who are involved. Der III. Weg is actively building a national folk community. The party website is updated daily and it has a very successful multi-media arm.

Der Dritte Weg members helping out in Ahrweiler

Der III. Weg in their own words:

Because a renewal of our nation can only be achieved on a national level, i.e. the implementation of national goals. From a political and cultural point of view, national goals are aimed at ensuring the survival of our people as a natural law community.

Because this renewal of social life can only be achieved by and for our people if a total spiritual renewal of political thought takes hold. So it is revolutionary that we are striving for a completely new direction, both politically and culturally. Our will sees the German people as the centre of their lives and wants to overcome international and capitalist ideologies towards a progressive socialist and ethnic state. What is revolutionary about it is total renewal on all levels of ethnic life. We see our worldview as holistic.

Because we strive for a just social order within our people. A social order that regards the people as a community in which each individual has to fulfil his task for the benefit of the entire people. Consequently, our slogan can only be: From I to WE!

“A look at the current state of “national resistance” is depressing for nationalists. The NPD has lost all mandates that it held beyond the municipal level. Germans who think nationally are blinded by the election successes of the AfD and therefore fail to recognize the true nature of the populists. Still others have given up because of the decades of stagnation.”

Spokesman for Der III. Weg

10 point program of the party

  1. Creation of a German socialism
    The aim of the party DER DRITTE WEG is to create a German socialism, far removed from exploitative capitalism and equalizing communism.

  2. Space-based economics
    The aim of the PARTY OF THE THIRD WAY is the nationalization of all key industries, companies of general interest, banks, insurance companies and all large companies. In order to restore Germany’s self-sufficiency with basic foodstuffs, individual and family businesses as well as agriculture must be encouraged to a particular extent.

  3. The country needs German children
    The basis of the DRITTE WEG party’s population policy is the consistent promotion of large families to avert the threat of popular death. The THIRD WAY party calls for the introduction of the death penalty for child murder and other capital crimes.

  4. Preserve home
    In order to maintain the national identity of the German people, the foreign infiltration of Germany and the ongoing abuse of asylum must be stopped immediately. Criminal as well as permanently unemployed foreigners are to be expelled from Germany in stages.

  5. Strengthening civil rights and freedoms
    The party THE THIRD WAY resolutely fights the increasing surveillance and restriction of citizens in private and public spaces. Paragraphs of conviction in the Criminal Code and the state’s powers of spying are to be deleted without replacement.

  6. Social justice for all Germans
    Every German has the right to personal property, to free religious belief, to housing, to medical care, to training and further education, to cultural and leisure time, to pension provision and the right and the duty to work. The DRITTE WEG party is therefore calling for a statutory minimum wage to be introduced.

  7. Environmental protection is homeland security
    The aim of the party DER DRITTE WEG is to create or restore an environment worth living in, to maintain and develop the biological substance of the people and to promote health.

  8. No German blood for foreign interests
    The party DER DRITTE WEG rejects the stationing and maintenance of foreign military bases on German territory. Participation in military operations abroad by the army is categorically excluded. The goal of the party DER DRITTE WEG is Germany’s exit from NATO.

  9. Creation of a European Confederation
    The aim of the party DER DRITTE WEG is the exit from the European Union (EU) and the creation of a European confederation based on European cultures and common history and is supported by the will and sovereignty of the European peoples.

  10. Germany is bigger than the FRG
    The aim of the party DER DRITTE WEG is the peaceful restoration of Germany as a whole within its limits under international law.

What the future holds for the party is unclear. Already Jewish groups are calling for the German Interior Ministry to step in and ban the group. One thing is certain though. Der III. Weg have created a template for social and political activism that can be copied by serious Nationalist organisations across Europe. We wish Der III. Weg every success.

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