Strength Through Diversity No.203: Santa Claus Under Attack

krampus attacked

A series of short posts on a topic close to London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s heart: “Diversity is our greatest strength.”

In modern-day Europe, many of our traditions are under attack by migrants to our lands. These traditions, many of which have been passed down from pre-Christian times, are viewed as offensive to their beliefs. The old customs and traditions of Britain and other European countries are important and should be treated with respect.

In its most extreme manifestation, ISIS-held territory saw the systematic murder of the Yazidis (a Kurdish-speaking religious group) and the treatment of any captured women as sex slaves. Muslims view them as “Devil Worshippers” and “apostates” from Islam. The Yazidis are also permitted to drink alcohol.

The following two reports are from Germany and Austria, for a long time regarded as two of the safest countries in Europe, where women could walk about, even at night, without fear of molestation. And then came mass immigration, which is overwhelming many European states, including Germany.

Migrants Attack Santa Claus

A group of young Muslim men assaulted a man dressed as Santa Claus in Kassel, Germany on December 6. German state police are looking for the group of migrants who attacked 54-year-old Rainer B., screaming insults at him and demanding he remove his Santa Claus costume, while claiming Germany was “their country.” At the time, he was on his way to a performance at the Königsalm on Königsplatz.

Rainer claimed that when he refused to remove his outfit, the gang grew aggressive, punching him, injuring his neck and destroying his costume. As a result, he defended himself by striking one of the attackers, prompting the group to run towards Martinsplatz. He decided to attend the event despite what happened.

A number of onlookers watched the attack but did nothing to help. Rainer plans to perform again next year, but has said he will also carry pepper spray to protect himself.

A group of young Muslim men assaulted a man dressed as Santa Claus in Kassel, Germany, on December 6.

Migrants Attack Krampus Parade In South Tyrol

Many Alpine countries continue to celebrate Krampusnacht with parades in which townspeople dress up as devils and run through the streets, chasing after youngsters and naughty parents alike.

The Krampus legend extends back centuries, beginning as a German Christmas tradition in the 12th century. Beginning in early December, German youngsters began to hear tales of a dark-haired figure with horns and fangs carrying a bundle of birch twigs used to swat mischievous children.

According to Alpine folklore, the Krampus would approach towns, lashing his chains and bells, to grab misbehaving youngsters in a basket and transport them to the abyss. The Krampusnacht (Krampus Night) would take place the evening before December 6th (St. Nicholas Day), when good German children would be rewarded with gifts in their boots.

This year, a group of foreigners at the Naturns Krampus Parade (held in early Dec), attacked the participants and visitors to the event. Krampus was pelted with blocks of ice and knocked to the ground from behind, women were insulted, and the changing rooms were attacked. A visitor had his tooth knocked out and a police officer was injured. One of the rioters was also wielding a baseball bat.

The attackers were identified as a group of 30 Albanians who are said to have come to the parade in Naturns with the clear aim of disrupting the event, causing unrest, and prompting violence.

Only the intervention of the police prevented anything worse from happening. Unbelievably, the local mayor warned against a “politicisation of the incidents” or even calls for the perpetrators to be expelled.


Top Image: St. Nikolaus with 12 Krampuses in Berchtesgadener Land, Germany. Niederberger Lukas, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Lower Image: Facebook

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