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the small boats con

The liberal consensus on immigration into Europe is unravelling before our eyes. Mainstream politicians, of whatever colour, do not see the invasion as a threat to our existence as a people, only as an opportunity to import cheap labour or boost their voter base. The White working class, always at the bottom in the pecking order, have become second-class citizens.

Conservative Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has bought himself more time after MPs approved the Safety of Rwanda bill at the second reading by 313 votes to 269, a majority of 44. The bill will now go off for more detailed scrutiny in the committee stage, with a further vote on it in January.

The Rwanda plan, first approved by then Prime Minister Boris Johnson in April 2022, is intended to prevent migrants from attempting to cross the English Channel in small boats or inflatable dinghies. Those that made the crossing could be sent to Rwanda, while their asylum claim was heard in the UK. This is just another sticking plaster solution to fool the voters that the Conservatives are tough on immigration.

The European Court of Human Rights issued a last-minute injunction that prevented the first deportation flight from taking place in June 2022. The cost of this barmy scheme has now risen from £140m to £290 million, without one single invader being deported.

The £290m does not include any actual deportation costs, which will only add many more millions to the final bill. Reports indicate that up to 200 migrants could be deported at a cost of over £169,000 per person! The government has stated that the asylum agreement with Rwanda will result in a “small number of the most vulnerable refugees in Rwanda being resettled in the UK,” but has not specified how many people will be affected.

The first £20 million that was spent on this farce went towards the deportation scheme’s setup fees, with the remaining £270 million going towards “economic transformation” initiatives in the African country, such as education, healthcare, agriculture, infrastructure, and job creation.

The Home Office has already earmarked at least £700 million to manage the arrival of migrants on small boats until 2030, according to previously unnoticed commercial plans. They predict that the Channel crossings could continue up to 2034. The figures were published online last week as our mixed-race Home Secretary flew to Rwanda to sign the new treaty.

The UK’s asylum system is now costing taxpayers over £3 billion a year to accommodate, feed and clothe those economic invaders who have successfully managed to cross the Channel and enter Britain illegally. The British taxpayer has to cough up £8 million a day. Our people are up in arms at what ‘our’ politicians are doing to the country. Hence the Tory Party’s much-heralded ‘Rwanda’ Plan.

Sending the small boat refugees to Rwanda is just a publicity stunt to divert the public’s attention away from the fact that the Conservatives, like Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the Greens, are pro-immigration. David Cameron, Theresa May, Boris Johnson and now Rishi Sunak have all promised to reduce immigration, yet we have seen it climb every year.

Horrific figures have been released showing that net ‘legal’ migration to the UK hit a record 745,000 in 2022 and 672,000 in the year to June 2023. Migration Watch UK revealed that if net migration continued at the present level, Britain’s population would rise to between 83 and 87 million by 2046, equivalent to fifteen new cities the size of Birmingham.

Posh boy David Cameron, Prime Minister from 2010 to 2016, said his government would reduce net migration to “tens of thousands” to stop the UK population from going over 70 million. There would be “no ifs, no buts” about it happening by the 2015 election, according to Cameron. He failed miserably.

Theresa May was Prime Minister from 2016 to 2019. Best known for saying the Conservative Party was known as the ‘The Nasty Party’ and accusing some unnamed colleagues of trying to “make political capital out of demonising minorities”. In her role as Home Secretary, May promised to bring the level of net migration down to less than 100,000. She also failed.

Another posh boy was Boris Johnson, who attended Eton College before going on to Oxford. He was a member of the notorious Bullingdon Club, a private all-male dining club known for vandalising restaurants. Members were selected on the grounds of wealth and background. Cameron was also a member.

Johnson promised to introduce an Australian-style points system to bring down net migration, specifically reducing the number of unskilled workers coming into the country. The rich buffoon failed.

Now we have little Rishi Sunak. The son of Indian parents, he has staked his political future on stopping the boats. He is also doomed to fail. Unfortunately, it is Britain that will be the real loser if the replacement of the indigenous people isn’t halted and reversed.


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Small Boat Graph: Home Office.

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