Strength Through Diversity: No.37


A series of short posts on a topic close to London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s heart: “Diversity is our greatest strength.”

A passenger on a flight from Morocco launched into an aggressive tirade against air crew and other passengers, a court was told. The passenger, Mohammed Shiraz Riaz, aged 42, of Kaye Street, Heckmondwike, was drunk and shouting racist and misogynistic abuse towards a Ryanair steward on a flight back to Britain. Riaz was a serial offender when he was drunk.

The first incident happened back in 2019, when he began drinking heavily as he sat on board a flight from Marrakesh, Morocco, to Liverpool airport. Riaz demanded another drink, but when he was told the stewardess was busy, was heard to say “fing fat b* stewardess”.

Stewardess Jelena Zuravska refused to serve him more alcohol and said, “He started verbally attacking me personally, saying, ‘Who fed your mother, you fat stewardess white b*’.

“He seemed to have a real hatred towards women. He was shouting, he was screaming. He gave me the feeling that he was going to fight me.

“As he became more aggressive towards me and more vocal, other passengers stepped in to try and calm the situation. One even wanted to punch him on my behalf.”

Riaz even used the safety announcement she made during the descent as “an opportunity to further humiliate” her as he shouted “look at that fat fing b****” and blew raspberries, shouting, “look she’s farted”. The crew was eventually forced to move other passengers from seats near Riaz.

The second incident occurred on January 2, 2021, when Riaz was returning from Istanbul to Manchester. During the flight, Riaz drunkenly shadow-boxed in the aisles and punched the seats. He also hurled a torrent of abuse towards cabin crew, fellow passengers, police and female airport officials.

When he was subsequently thrown off the plane, he unleashed a tirade of abuse at a female Border Force official, saying:

“You f***ing b**** I bet you didn’t get your leg over last night. You need a good s**g.” And as he was led away to the cells, Riaz shouted: “F*** you slag – I’ll punch your f***ing head in.”

As he was placed into a police van, Riaz continued: No wonder it’s so easy for us to rape your white children – you’re all a bunch of p******.

“You fing ss, fat-a***** c***. White women are easy to rape. White children are easy to rape because white men are p******.”

Police bodycam footage showed Riaz squaring up to another passenger at passport control before being told to stop swearing as children were nearby.

One officer told Riaz: “You might not like us but these children do not deserve this – you stink of booze.” Riaz replied: “I won’t shut the f*** up. You’re a fat mother f***er. Why should I f***ing shut up?”

Riaz later bit a policeman, leaving him with teeth marks on his arm. He was not charged with any racially aggravated offences.

The court heard that Riaz had 30 charges related to alcohol-fuelled violence, which encompassed incidents such as assaulting police officers and engaging in drunken disorderly behaviour. He was sentenced at Manchester’s Crown Court last Wednesday.

Riaz attended court through a video link from prison following a warrant issued due to repeated non-appearances, citing Covid self-isolation as the reason. He was jailed for only 14 months.

In the report carried in the YorkshireLive website, no mention was made of his comments about raping White children and women. Also left unanswered was how Riaz was allowed to book another flight despite his already being on bail for the first offence.

In prison Riaz will soon come under the protection of other Muslim inmates. To them, and also others in his community, his comments will be seen as of less importance than his consumption of alcohol.


Top Image: Ronnie Macdonald from Chelmsford and Largs, United Kingdom, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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