Labour’s UK Kalergi Plan: Part 6

labour's UK Kalergi Plan Part 6

Continuing the series by council insider and Nationalist correspondent: ‘Frustrated’

We now know that Labour (when in power) ignores, covers up, and protects Muslim child rape gangs at both the national and local government levels. This demonstrates that Labour has and will sacrifice the young daughters of their white working-class voters in order to protect their primary multicultural, multiracial, and miscegenation agenda!

In 2015, Rotherham’s Labour-controlled council’s deliberate failure to protect our children from a plague of Muslim rape gangs became so disturbing that the Tory government had to intervene by appointing commissioners to take over the roles of the “currently wholly dysfunctional (Labour) council cabinet.”

Although the grooming gangs scandal was damaging for Labour, they could at least console themselves that it did advance their mixed-race political agenda. In Rotherham alone, over 100 helpless white schoolgirl victims, many living in council care, gave birth to the babies of their Pakistani Muslim abusers.

After Labour’s shameful cover-up was exposed, Rotherham’s former Labour MP, Denis MacShane caused outrage when he admitted that he had ignored warnings of child abuse, for fear of inflaming community tensions. MacShane said that he was “a Guardian-reading liberal leftie” who did not want to “rock the multicultural community boat!”

In 2017, Bradford Labour MP Naz Shah caused further outrage when she shared a Twitter post telling white sex abuse victims of the Rotherham scandal to “shut their mouths for the good of diversity.” Evidently, Labourites support for multiculturalism excuses them from protecting vulnerable English schoolgirls from organised Muslim rape gangs. Labour enables the rape of our young girls with their mass immigration policy and then protects the Muslim rapists to safeguard multiculturalism and diversity!

When in power, Labour has to rely on covering up scandals, censoring news, and shutting up white people to keep us asleep and ignorant of just how dangerous Labour’s multiculturalism policy really is.

Why vote for such dangerous Labour Party lunatics when they engineered and then protected a plague of Muslim rape gangs that make it unsafe for our vulnerable young daughters to go out in public? But it was always Labour’s intention to ‘integrate’ the millions of young black and brown men they were inviting into Britain with the young daughters of their white working-class supporters so that they could socially engineer the “truly multicultural” and mixed-race country that the Labourites so desire.

Labour ministers knew that these young immigrant men would initially settle in poor, white working-class urban areas. Here they would not only have to compete for scarce jobs and housing with local white men, but also for the attraction of local white girls, thus causing a sexual imbalance.

In executing this social engineering project, Labour were supporting the super-rich globalist banks and corporations that were driving for open borders, mass migration and cheap labour to destroy Britain as a sovereign white nation. This would then facilitate their plan to ‘integrate’ Britain, first into a mixed-race United States of Europe, and eventually into their Socialist World Government.

Thanks to the increasingly popular news programmes such as “The Alex Jones Show”, millions of our people are becoming aware that there is an organised plan by richly funded globalist organisations to create a New World Order where mass non-white migration melts away traditional white nations.

If Labour were honest, they would openly declare that they are international socialists that also share the globalist elites’ vision of a borderless Britain, so that unlimited numbers of immigrants from the poorest parts of Africa and Asia can flood into Britain to destroy Britain’s white national identity.

But Labour are not honest and have to continue to deceive their white working-class voters to win elections and gain political power, so they can then continue to use mass immigration to replace them!

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Top Image: Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi, creator of the plan, pictured c. 1930. Unknown photographer, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons.

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