The War Against National Socialism in Putins Russia

putin at yeltsin funeral

‘Russia claims to foil ‘neo-Nazi terrorist’ plot against pro-Kremlin TV anchor Vladimir Solovyov’ ran the headline in the Times Of Israel newspaper.

“The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation detained a group of members of the neo-Nazi terrorist organization National Socialism/White Power, which is banned in Russia,” Russia’s FSB security agency said in a statement carried by news agencies, adding that those arrested are Russian citizens.

A staunch supporter of Putin and Russia’s military campaign in Ukraine, Solovyov (who is Jewish) is under EU sanctions for spreading state “propaganda.”

Under Putin, the FSB, Russia’s security agency, has been waging a war on any group that it considered ‘Nazi’. The following is a list of the groups banned in his campaign against racial Nationalism.

NS Groups in Russia, that were banned before 2016:

  1. “DPNI” (“Movement against illegal immigration”), founded 2002, banned 2011.
  2. “Russkie” (“Russians”), founded after “DPNI” in 2011, banned 2015, many arrested.
  3. “Slavyansky Soyuz” (“Slavic Unity”), founded 1999, banned 2010, many arrested.
  4. “BORN” (“Combat Organization of Russian Nationalists”), founded 2008, banned 2011, many arrested.
  5. “BTO” (“Combat terrorist organization”), founded 2003, banned 2006, many arrested.
  6. “Lincoln-88”, founded 2007, banned 2011, many arrested.
  7. “NOMP” (“People’s militia named in honor of Minin and Pozharsky”), founded 2009, banned 2015, many arrested.
  8. “NSRRP” (“National Socialist Russian Workers’ Party”, Kazan), founded 1994, banned 1997.
  9. “NSO” (“National Socialist Society”), founded 2004, banned 2010, many arrested -> later Sergey Korotkikh “Botsman” escaped to Ukraine, became “Azov” member (in 2014).
  10. “Obshestvo Belikh – 88” (“Society of Whites – 88”), founded 2008, within two years everybody were arrested and sentenced.
  11. “Oprichniki” (“Public-political organization “Oprichniy Dvod””, Kazan), founded 1993, closed in 1994 and merged with “NSRRP” (#8 in the list).
  12. “Orel’s partizans”, created by the FSB/FSO in 2009, closed in 2010 because of arrests of everyone (except for FSB-agent who was the founder) – see “Operation Trust” of the 1920s.
  13. “Partiya Svobodi” (“Party of Freedom”), founded 2000, closed 2009 by merging into the “Severnoe Bratstvo”.
  14. “Severnoe Bratstvo” (“Northern Brotherhood”), founded 2006, several members were arrested; the movement declares its full obedience towards the Russian Criminal Code; current activity and status – unknown.
  15. “RONS” (“Russian all-National Unity”), founded 1990, banned 2009/2011, many arrested.
  16. “Shulz-88”, founded 2001, banned 2003, all arrested.
  17. “F18″ (Format 18”), founded by Maxim “Tesak” Martsinkevich in 2005, banned 2010, then “Occupy Paedophilia” (anti-paedophile group) became active in 2013. The group was focusing specifically on paedophiles of the Russian-Zionist government, including its most senior members. Maxim “Tesak” was kidnapped and murdered by the FSB of Russia.

    * arrested – means were arrested mostly by charges of extremism and terrorism (282 and other articles of the Criminal Code of Russia).

Groups banned after 2016

  1. “Артподготовка” (“Artillery preparation”), founded 2013, banned 2017.
  2. “Ассоциация народного сопротивления” (“Association of the people’s resistance”), founded 2016, still exists but under heavy pressure, many activists were arrested, property seized by police and FSB, basically they are underground if still exist at all.
  3. “Praviy Blok” (“The Right Bloc” political movement- Nationalist, but not NS, and not a group), founded 2018, under heavy pressure, many arrested.
  4. “Russky Tsentr” (“Russian Center”, russ_center), founded 2015, mostly online informational activity, status – in exile.
  5. “WotanJugend”, mostly online, status – in exile.

Other Groups

  1. “ENO” (“Ethnic National Unity”), founded 2018, cells exist in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, currently under investigation by the FSB of Russia (yet not banned in Russia officially), under investigation by the SBU of Ukraine, “ENO” is strange, looks like a shady organization.
  2. “Pamyat” (1980-2020) and “RNE” (1990-now) – are KGB and FSB projects, pro-Communism-Putinism, anti-Ukraine.

Most NS groups were banned as “extremist groups” before 2011. Some – shortly after. Most members received lengthy jail sentences with some killed, or else “died” under strange circumstances.


Top Image: Putin, Bill Clinton, George H. W. Bush and Lyudmila Putina at the state funeral of Boris Yeltsin in Moscow, April 2007., CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons.

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