Thank You Mr Gove!

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Let me start by saying I am neither ‘far-right’, nor a ‘neo-Nazi’. I will not be pigeonholed by Michael Gove or any of the other careerists and enemies of our race and nation. I hate capitalism, and the Nazi term is only used by our enemies as a slur. I am a National Socialist and proud of it.

Yesterday, ‘Communities Secretary’ Michael Gove announced that two ‘neo-Nazi’ groups (Patriotic Alternative and ourselves, the British National Socialist Movement) were on his list of five alleged ‘extremist organisations. The other three were all radical Islamic groups. Being on ‘the list’ means that we will be assessed for whether we meet their definition of extremism and, if so, banned from engaging with or receiving funding from the government.

Looking at the singularly unappealing figure of Gove, one is struck by his striking resemblance to the left-wing comedienne, Jo Brand. Gove, a journalist before becoming an MP, has campaigned on the issue of extremism for many years. He is typical of many of the MPs who stalk along the corridors of Westminster. In 2016, Gove, ever ambitious, sabotaged Boris Johnson’s Tory leadership bid. Johnson was effectively forced to withdraw. Three years later, Johnson took revenge by sacking him from his cabinet.

The first reactions to Gove’s statement on extremism have not been met with the universal acclaim he had hoped for. On last night’s Newsnight (BBC 2) and Question Time (BBC 1), Tory spokesmen struggled to deflect criticism of their new definition. Fears that the new list will curtail free speech, if not now, then by future governments, were prominent.

I and millions like me regard the people who have deliberately set about the destruction of our people and way of life by the importation of millions of non-Europeans, as the real extremists. The fact that Gove did not name any Marxist organisations on his list spoke volumes about who they regard as the real threat to capitalism and the failed multi-racial experiment.

I’d just like to end this short piece by thanking Mr. Gove for informing our people that the BM is standing up against the demographic changes that have been forced on us by the politicians who are supposed to represent us. We were never asked!


Top Image: UK Government, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons. Weasel image: Public Domain.

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