The Gutter Press Sink To A New Low In Hull

After the successful campaign to stop Hull University selling off The Lawns in Cottingham to house asylum seekers, Saturday 14th January saw a rally to protest against the same economic migrants take place in Queen Victoria Square, in the centre of Hull.

It must be remembered that these migrants are entering Britain illegally, destroying their passports or other forms of ID before they arrive here. With the large numbers involved, it amounts to an ‘invasion’ in the words of the Home Secretary, Suella Braverman. Poll after poll shows that stopping this ‘invasion’ is a top priority with the public.

The media, and in particular the Hull Live* online site, engaged in a vicious attack on the rally organisers and one speaker in particular. Lies and half-truths are something we have come to expect from the ‘Lügenpresse’, but the personal nature of this smear hit a new low.

The main victim of this bullying, a former soldier who served six years with the British Army’s 5 Rifles armoured battalion, and a speaker at the rally, was described as a ‘Hitler lookalike’ and someone who ‘is easily recognisable because of his distinct and sinister apparel.’

“Debating and disagreeing with one another is a healthy part of democracy, but abuse and intimidation cross the line into dangerous territory.”

Local Government Association

The report, penned by Jamie Macaskill, the editor of Hull Live, also said that by ‘wearing a full length, buckled trench coat and with a clipped moustache and waxed down, cropped hair, his style bears a chilling resemblance to Adolf Hitler whose Nazi thugs took power in 1930s Germany.’

Adolf Hitler? Or just an innocent Nationalist bullied by a left-wing journalist?

On Twitter Macaskill is followed by numerous left-wing types, including the Labour Party, left-wing councillors, anti-Brexit fanatics and other ‘progressives’ who describe themselves as socialists and pro-republicans. One of his followers describes himself thus: leftist, technical writer, photographer, traveller, foodie, cook, runner. Sweary. If you voted for Brexit/the Tories, fuck off now. Nice followers Jamie.

The information for the article came from that money making machine, Hope Not Hate, which was described by Macaskill as a ‘widely respected anti-fascist lobbying group’. HNH were behind an ITV broadcast last autumn of a new drama called ‘The Walk-In’ starring Stephen Graham.

The Walk-In, supposedly based on a true story involving HOPE Not Hate, in one scene featured fat-grass Matthew Collins taking an illegal firearm out of a bedside cabinet for ‘his own protection’. Collins was briefly involved in Nationalist politics before selling information to Searchlight magazine for a substantial amount of cash.

Unfortunately we won’t be holding our breath waiting for plod to interview this rat and ask who supplied him with this illegal firearm, whether it could be forensically linked to any crimes, and exactly which red psychopath has it is now.

Labour’s Rosie Cooper has denounced ITV for using her as a “marketing tool” after the broadcaster made the TV drama about a failed far-right plot to murder her. Addressing MPs, Cooper revealed that she has been in touch with Commons Speaker Lindsay Hoyle “many, many times” about death threats “all piggy-backing on the original threat.”

She added: “There is one case with the Director of Public Prosecutions right now. And how many more will come from this stupid, stupid, stupid series?”

Cooper also said: “Let’s test the public interest defence to their despicable behaviour. And I call on Hope Not Hate and ITV to donate all monies and profits generated from this TV series both here and abroad. Every single penny should go to The Jo Cox Foundation. We should not tolerate this kind of behaviour.”

We image she’ll be waiting a long time for any donation from these two organisations.

*In their words: “Hull Live is a news, sport and information site covering Hull and East Yorkshire. It is brought to you by the team behind the Hull Daily Mail – the largest selling regional newspaper in Yorkshire, edited by Jamie Macaskill. Our parent company is Reach PLC.

Hull Live and the Hull Daily Mail are published by Reach PLC, Britain’s largest newspaper, magazine and digital publisher, with a print and online portfolio reaching 38.6million people every month.”

The Registered office address of Hope Not Hate changed to Suite 1, 7th Floor 50 Broadway London SW1H 0BL on 3 October 2022.

Quality journalism from the ‘Lügenpresse’.


Top: PA.

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