“Hobson’s Choice” or “Two Cheeks of the Same Backside”

Hobson's Choice

An article by Nationalist contributor and council insider, ‘Frustrated’.

A ‘Hobson’s Choice’ is a free choice in which only one thing is actually offered. The term is often used to describe an illusion that multiple choices are available. Wikipedia

No matter whether Sir Keir Starmer’s Labour Party or the Conservatives form our next government after the forthcoming General Election, our ‘British’ cabinet will still be dominated by Zionist supporting ‘Friends of Israel’.

These Zionists supporting ‘Friends of Israel’ will not pass policies in the interests of native British people, such as protecting our borders and stopping mass non-white immigration into Britain, but they will use our taxes and our armed forces to defend the foreign borders of Israel and Ukraine!

Sir Keir Starmer is still haunted by Labour’s crushing General Election defeat in 2019. This resulted partly from bitter infighting between Labour’s ‘Friends of Israel’ members and Muslim members, who were sympathetic to the Palestinians. Many ‘influential’ Jewish members put their loyalty to Israel over that of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party. So they purposely sabotaged Labour’s campaign during the 2019 General Election by claiming ‘anti-semitism’ was rife within the Labour Party under Corbyn’s leadership.

Sir Keir Starmer (who is married to a Jewish woman) is a committed Zionist and an absolute supporter of Israel. He is determined to avoid Labour being accused of any ‘anti-semitism’ in the run up to the 2024 General Election. Therefore, he has adopted a very pro-Israel stance clearing out Muslims who are ‘anti-semitic’ (that is critics of Israel) and ‘Corbynistas’ from positions of power within his party.

Since Sir Keir Starmer replaced Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour Party in 2020, he has also appointed his shadow cabinet almost entirely from members and supporters of the ‘Labour Friends of Israel’. LFI is a pro-Israel lobbying group that takes British MP’s on lavishly funded ‘fact-finding’ trips to the Middle East where they are encouraged to view the conflict from a Zionist perspective.

In Israel, these visitors are at even greater risk of having their loyalty to Britain compromised by unprincipled Mossad agents, who have previously used bribery and blackmail to turn influential visiting foreign politicians away from serving their own national interests into serving Israel’s interests instead. Starmer has also fired or ‘let go’ hundreds of Muslim Labour Party members who have defied him by calling for a ceasefire in Gaza to stop Israel’s massacre of over thirty thousand Muslim women and children.

Starmer will always put the interests of Israel and Jews before those of Palestinians and Muslims. Israel’s onslaught on Gaza is dividing Labour’s pro-Israel leadership from its pro-Palestinian grass roots supporters. So many Muslims are now quitting Labour to support George Galloway’s ‘Workers Party’.

Newly elected Rochdale MP, George Galloway, has declared to his Muslim voters that the Tories and Labour are “‘two cheeks of the same backside”! Both parties are dominated by ‘Friends of Israel’. In 2014, the Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI) also stated that 80% of Conservative MP’s were their members. This included the then Prime Minister David Cameron (who is himself part Jewish) and who has recently been appointed as our Foreign Secretary, concerning the Middle East conflict.

Moreover, our newly appointed Defence Secretary is Grant Shapps, who is also a Jewish supporter of Israel. It was Shapps who recently ordered our Royal Air Force to bomb the Houthis in Yemen in support of ‘our ally’ Israel. Because the Houthis are targeting shipping linked to Israel in the Red Sea in response to Israel’s ongoing genocide of their fellow Muslim Palestinians in Gaza.

The former Conservative foreign minister, Alan Duncan, has recently got into serious trouble with very powerful and influential Jewish groups such as the CFI and the ‘Campaign Against Antisemistism’ for questioning the dual loyalty of the Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI) and its leaders Lord Polak and Lord Pickles, who he has called to be removed from the House of Lords.

Alan Duncan wrote in his newly published memoir that the Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI) had pushed Britain to adopt a disproportionately anti-Palestinian and pro-Israel foreign policy. But ‘The Campaign Against Antisemitism’ said that Duncan was “invoking classic anti-semitic tropes of Jewish power and disloyalty.” I feel that most Muslims and Palestinians would agree with Alan Duncan!

Hobson’s Choice is a British comedy-drama film released in 1954. The film is set in the late 19th century in Salford, Greater Manchester, and revolves around the story of a domineering boot shop owner named Henry Horatio Hobson, played by Charles Laughton.

The plot centers on Hobson’s three daughters: Maggie, Alice, and Vicky. Hobson is a widower who relies on his daughters to run his successful boot shop. However, he is overbearing and oppressive, and his daughters’ lives are restricted by his control.

Maggie, the eldest daughter, is an intelligent and strong-willed woman who becomes frustrated with her father’s oppressive ways. When she falls in love with Will Mossop, a talented but unambitious bootmaker who works for her father, she hatches a plan to improve her own life and help Will realise his potential. Maggie essentially gives her father a “Hobson’s choice”, a seemingly free choice that is no choice at all – he can either accept Maggie’s terms and allow her to marry Will or risk losing his daughters’ services and the business they run. Youtube.

Main Image: Public Domain. A scene from the 1954 film, Hobson’s Choice, showing Hobson, Maggie and Will.

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