Until We Meet In Valhalla!

harold hiton pallbearers

Yesterday, family and friends of Harold Hilton gathered to say a final farewell to our old comrade. Harold was born in Batley on the 3rd March, 1934, but spent much of his life in Leeds.

Harold’s coffin was draped in a Union flag that was proudly carried at the ‘Battle of Lewisham’ in 1977. On that day, a National Front anti-mugger’s march was held through the streets of Lewisham in South London. The march was attacked by thousands of communists and local West Indians. The pallbearers included family members and three BM comrades.

After a non-religious funeral service, a celebrant read out moving details of Harold’s life, which ended with the promise: ‘See you all in Valhalla!’

Afterwards, we retired to a local hostelry to drink a toast to his life while a local pipe band played in tribute to this old fighter.

Only The Forgotten Are Dead”


Top Image: British Movement Northern.

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