The Sanctuary City Movement

Sanctuary Cities

A ‘Progressive” Socialist Organisation Creating A Multicultural Britain By Stealth.

So-called “Sanctuary Cities” are a total contradiction for any British National Socialist or British racial Nationalist. The ideology behind the ‘Sanctuary Cities’ movement undermines the concept of the Fourteen Words, undermines our concept of Race and Nation, and is an obvious tool of the ‘Great Replacement’.

The Sanctuary Cities movement has been operating across the UK since 2005, when by a twist of fate, Sheffield became the first ‘Sanctuary city’ in 2007 and the starting point for a nationwide movement, founded in the most part by an unusual Methodist clergyman, unusual because Inderjit Singh Bhogal was the first non-white President of the Methodist Conference in British history. Inderjit Singh Bhogal was in fact himself a ‘refugee’, or rather an immigrant, as one of the thousands of so-called Kenyan Asians allowed to settle in Britain.

The Sanctuary City movement is an updated programme that serves the much earlier Kalergi Plan, an insidious cultural Marxist programme that has been dissected in great detail by the BM Northern region correspondent ‘Frustrated’.

The cultural Marxist hatred of traditional British society, the ongoing urge by the political Left to finally eradicate the image of pre-1960 Britain, the largely homogeneous White European population, the history, heritage, and traditions that the Left considers to be “too Eurocentric”, or even as being “hideously White.” The cultural Marxist programme to finally undermine the ethnic makeup of the British Isles began slowly in the late 1940’s with the tentative importation of black West Indian immigrants, initially through the arrival of the ‘Empire Windrush’ and subsequent ship loads of migrant workers (colonisers) from the Caribbean.

In spite of growing resistance amongst the British population to what was then called “coloured immigration”, the long-term vision behind the Kalergi Plan pushed ahead as across the 1960’s large numbers of immigrants were brought into the United Kingdom from India, newly independent Pakistan, and in increasing numbers from Nigeria and other West African countries. At this stage there were no non-European ‘refugees’ or ‘asylum seekers’, that concept was yet to come. Although a taste of what was to come came in the waves of Asians, mostly Indian, expelled from the newly independent African nations such as Kenya, Uganda and Malawi.

Instead of being repatriated to the Indian sub-continent, thousands were allowed to settle in Britain. Towards the end of the 1970’s it was the mass influx of so-called “Vietnamese boat people”, all being settled and made welcome by successive British governments at taxpayer’s expense. Later still came the successive waves of ‘refugees’ from conflicts in Eastern Africa; the assorted wars in Somalia, Sudan, Ethiopia, and Eritrea. Later still, the waves of those deemed to be ‘fleeing conflict’ in central Africa; the Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria, the Central African Republic.

On and on the reserve pool of surplus populations from the Middle East; conflict in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Iran and the unwanted Kurdish minorities. Not forgetting of course the ongoing flow of ‘refugees’ from Afghanistan, or those escaping oppression in Hong Kong.

Even though there had been increasing anti-immigration political campaigning throughout the 1960’s and 1970’s, by the 1990’s, the first signs of the political Left stepping up the pace of non-white immigration were demonstrated by the New Labour governments of Tony Blair and then Gordon Brown.

Many tiers of the Labour government were occupied by ideologically driven Marxists and Trotskyites, as were by now, most levels of the mainstream media and especially the upper echelons of the academic world. Now widely exposed, the agenda to slacken immigration controls, to make Britain a “truly multicultural” country and of course to “rub the Right’s nose in diversity.”

As the United Kingdom entered the new century, the path was set by the forces of the Left and the internationalists as well as the globalists of the World Economic Forum (WEF), who had now updated the concept of the Kalergi Plan to embrace the theory of the ‘Great Replacement’.

Now in Britain, as in other European nations and later still in the USA, the ‘Sanctuary Cities’ movement began to play on the humanitarian sympathies of its more liberal-minded citizens, with appeals to help the “asylum-seekers, refugees from war, persecution, or “forced migration” (tick where appropriate).

Note: The new terminology developed by left-wing policymakers and ‘influencers’, “forced migration” to describe those illegal immigrants and Channel crossers, the term is intended to convey the idea that these people are not acting out of choice but necessity to survive.

Pro-immigration organisations such as Care4Calais seem to spring up overnight and are very quickly well-resourced and funded, with plenty of both paid staff and ideologically driven volunteers.

Across the UK and Ireland, both Northern Ireland and Eire, the Sanctuary Cities movement has broadened its agenda and now incorporates ‘Schools of Sanctuary’ into its programme. By December 2023, the Sanctuary Cities UK website was boasting that already more than 400 schools had been designated as being ‘Schools of Sanctuary’ with another 350 or more working towards being ‘accredited’ with that status.

This is a not-so-subtle means by which school age children are “educated” to accept ‘refugee’ and ‘asylum-seeker’ children in their classes. Noticeable is the claim that Sanctuary Schools do not “judge the claims of people seeking sanctuary…” in other words do not consider that they have entered the country illegally, or have passed through ‘safe’ countries to get into Britain, or are just economic migrants, not genuine refugees.

In typical Cultural Marxist fashion, the agenda is hidden behind the mask of concerned humanitarianism, liberal and leftist teachers can be guaranteed to support the idea of both ‘Open Borders’ and of letting “refugee” children access to school places with all the state funded support needed to learn English and to be ‘integrated’ into class rooms.

This is what they say:-

Schools for Sanctuary

“Schools are required to prepare children for life in modern Britain; teaching them about the society and world they grow up in and fostering active citizenship skills (a requirement for all schools). Forced migration is a significant global phenomenon widely discussed in the media and public discourse – the Schools of Sanctuary programme supports schools to talk factually about the different reasons people may have been forced to flee and their experiences arriving in the UK in order to build understanding and reinforce our shared British Values. We do not promote a political perspective – in an increasingly divided climate, we only encourage schools to lead with kindness and compassion. The Schools of Sanctuary programme does not ask for schools to judge the claims of people seeking sanctuary – simply hear their stories.”

Hardly surprising given the wide spread presence in British academic life of committed Marxists and ‘progressive socialists’, there are now ‘Universities of Sanctuary’ in Britain, and of course the University of Sheffield and has its own allocated “university ambassador” and the “Global Cafe” as part of its extensive resources.

“We are delighted that the University of Sheffield is now an awarded University of Sanctuary, that means they go above and beyond to create support, welcome and empowering opportunities for people who are seeking sanctuary.”

Now, less than twenty years since the Sanctuary Cities UK movement was founded in Sheffield, the long list of other ‘Sanctuary cities’ and related towns across Britain, makes for depressing reading for any racially conscious British Nationalist.

Most ordinary White British folk will not have heard of the “Sanctuary Cities movement’ or of ‘Schools of Sanctuary’ or ‘Universities of Sanctuary, nor understand what is going on behind the scenes. It will no doubt come as a huge surprise to most regular readers of the British Movement Northern Region website to see the listings below, the scope of this very well-funded ‘Sanctuary’ network and the reality of its reach posing behind the facade of a humanitarian organisation.

Sanctuary Cities – the reality of this movement, in their own words, boasting of the network the movement has established. Listed here are their groups and support branches across the entire North of England:-

North West
Preston City of Sanctuary
Blackburn City of Sanctuary
Bolton City of Sanctuary
Burnley City of Sanctuary
Bury City of Sanctuary
Carlisle City of Sanctuary
Chester City of Sanctuary
Lancaster City of Sanctuary
Liverpool City of Sanctuary
Manchester City of Sanctuary
Penrith and Eden Refugee Network
The Wirral City of Sanctuary

Yorks, Humber and Greater Lincs

Barnsley City of Sanctuary
Bentham City of Sanctuary
Bradford City of Sanctuary
Burley-in-Wharfedale City of Sanctuary
Calderdale Valley of Sanctuary
Craven District of Sanctuary
Louth Area of Sanctuary
Garforth Refugee Group
Harrogate District of Sanctuary
Horsforth Town Of Sanctuary
Hull City of Sanctuary
Keighley Place Of Sanctuary
Kirklees City of Sanctuary
Leeds City of Sanctuary
Y&H Maternity Stream
Malhamdale City of Sanctuary
north lincolnshire sanctuary group
Otley City of Sanctuary
Richmondshire Refugee Support Group
Ripon City of Sanctuary
City of Sanctuary Sheffield
Skipton City of Sanctuary
Wakefield District City of Sanctuary
York City of Sanctuary

North East

Durham City of Sanctuary
Gateshead City of Sanctuary
Northumberland County of Sanctuary
Sunderland City of Sanctuary
Tees Valley of Sanctuary

As was stated at the beginning of this article, the scale of this organisation is frightening, as is the long-term impact it will have on the population makeup, ethnic makeup and cultural character of all the North of England. Also do not forget that here this article has only had the focus on what is happening in the North, because this Sanctuary organisation and its offshoots are also operating across the entire United Kingdom: England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.


Top Image: Sanctuary Cities
Lower Images: Sanctuary Cities Sheffield
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