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Antifa paedophile

An Antifa activist has committed suicide after Hungarian police raided his home and found over 70,000 images and videos of child sexual abuse. Among the thousands of files discovered were 300 videos showing brutal sexual abuse of children under the age of 12, including many involving children as young as two-years-old, which depicted torture and rape.

The case is connected to the German Antifa group, and has caused outrage in Hungary. Police also found signs of a strange rite near to where the man hanged himself. The huge amount of child porn on the Antifa activist’s hard drive was a shocking development in a case that involved left-wing Antifa groups in both Germany and Hungary. So far, Hungarian police have not revealed the red perverts name.

The pervert was thought to have helped German Antifa thugs attack people who they assumed were far-right activists on the streets of Budapest in February of this year. During their investigation into the street attacks, the police searched the man’s partner’s flat and found the child porn on his laptop.

Hungarian Police have revealed that this pervert was involved in the infamous Hammerbande, (Hammer Gang), a violent far-left Antifa group from Germany, who we have reported on before here >>. This cowardly gang is known for attacking their opponents (and in some cases innocent pedestrians mistaken for Nationalists), with hammers and bats. The group has severely beaten a number of individuals, leaving some with life-altering injuries.

However, one of the group’s major attacks also occurred in Hungary’s capital city of Budapest, with the Antifa activist who committed suicide said to be behind the planning of that particular attack, it was reported.

The Antifa Nonce reportedly worked at a radical cafe in the Austrian city of Innsbruck, and is a well-known meeting place for Austro-German Antifa activists. In addition, he also allegedly worked for a Hungarian left-wing organisation known as the Szikra Movement, which was founded by the Hungarian left-wing MP András Jámbor.

* NONCE – a British slang word for paedophile, actually originated in Wakefield prison and comes from an acronym used by staff there. The Channel 5 ‘Evil Behind Bars’ documentary revealed that N.O.N.C.E was marked on the cell card of any prisoner who may have been in danger of violence from other prisoners.

NONCE stands for ‘not on normal courtyard exercise’, according to the documentary. The term BEAST is also in common use.


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