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An article by council insider and Nationalist guest correspondent “Frustrated”.

On the 25th of May 2023, the chief executive of Salford City Council, Tom Stannard, (shown second from the left in the above photograph), who is understood to earn more than £164,000 annually, along with three other highly paid senior managers posed for a photo opportunity outside the council headquarters at the civic centre in Swinton.

They were marking the third anniversary of the death of the black, drug addicted criminal George Floyd, who died whilst being arrested by a white police officer, in Minneapolis USA in 2020. In overtly ‘taking the knee’, these supposedly politically impartial, local government officers, displayed their pro-black (anti-white), politically correct beliefs with a staged act of a virtue signalling ceremony in support of the violent, revolutionary, Marxist Black Lives Matter movement.

Moreover, by taking the knee, these senior managers sent a clear signal to the thousands of Salford council employees beneath them that should they wish to progress in their careers within the Red citadel of Salford, they too should reflect their manager’s pro-black (anti-white) politically correct views, which is leading to the replacement of native White British Salfordians at an alarming rate! Salford City Council is the largest employer of people in a rapidly changing, increasingly ‘diverse’ (that is non-white), city.

But despite Labour’s diversity drive, according to Salford council’s websites’ Workforce Equality Report 2023, at least 65% of their 3493 staff still identify as White British. However, these native White British staff are steadily being reduced and replaced. But even those that remain will still be conditioned/pressured into attending politically correct diversity awareness training courses and events such as the recent George Floyd BLM memorial.

It is also a condition of employment that you respect the council’s equality and inclusion policies. Furthermore, there are plenty of ‘diversity’ officers (really political commissars) placed at the top and sprinkled throughout the council’s workforce to ensure that employees comply with the Labour council’s increasingly weird and woke politically correct policies.

Under Labour’s diversity drive, Salford has become a welcoming “sanctuary City” for the world’s immigrant flotsam, and this is helping Labourites transform Salford into an increasingly diverse (non-white) Red citadel. Salford is beginning to resemble the “truly multicultural” Islamic caliphate of Londonistan, under the Labour Muslim Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan!

Indeed, the 2021 census revealed that Salford’s population has soared by 15.4% to 269,900 from only 233,900 in 2011. Moreover, the Labour Party’s ‘diversity drive” is changing the population make-up of Salford, with the number of ‘non-whites’ doubling from only 23,000 in 2011 to nearly 48,000 in 2021! So the big rise of 36,000 in Salford’s population is 68% non-white and caused by immigration.


An incident occurred during the recent May 2023 local elections for Salford City Council. But I feel this (amusing) incident may have been made up by the Labour councillor for Eccles, Sharmine August.

According to her tweet on March 26th 2023:

“Today out canvassing I knocked on the door of a man who was violently racist. He was incensed that I knocked on his door as he “wasn’t black”. He pointed to his skin and asked over and over if he looked black. Why would he vote Labour if he wasn’t black?

“After I noticed a golliwog in his window. Next to his @SalfordLibDems poster. I did as he asked/screamed and “pissed off”.

    “Personally, I’m glad we have a reputation of celebrating BAME people & fighting for justice & equality. I wouldn’t change that for all the votes in the world.”

    On the 27th of March, her fellow Labour councillor, Irfan Syed tweeted to Sharmina August:

    “I feel sorry for this man because he seems he doesn’t know how beautiful and big the world is with diverse people with diverse backgrounds and how small the earth looks from above with no borders. For racists the world is around their four walls. Sad”.

    Labour Councillor Sharmina August, Lead Member for Inclusive Economy, Anti-Poverty and Equalities.

    These Labour councillors fail to mention the dangers of their borderless world, with genocidal mass replacement immigration. No mention either of being unable to afford a house or having your young daughters ‘groomed’, raped, stabbed or even blown to bits at music concerts!

    If Sharmina August’s story is true, I am glad to know that now even some white Lib-Dem voters are realising just how anti-white the Labour Party is and that it is racial suicide to vote Labour. Why would any native White Briton vote Labour and support their own ethnic replacement, denigration and demise under a Labour administration? Should turkeys vote for Christmas?

    It seems that Labour even despises the poor White working-class residents of Salford and wants to replace us! Whites are vilified as evil for simply being born white and therefore benefitting from White privilege! We are identified as the new privileged ‘rich’ petty bourgeoisie or ‘kulaks”, that Labour now targets to liquidate simply for benefitting from the ‘crime’ of being White.

    When in power, Labour always denigrates, discriminates and is racist against White people! I realise that the Tories are not much better than Labour, but I feel hopeful that there is going to be a realignment of the parties on the right soon which will break the mould of British politics.

    I myself am an ethno-nationalist, but I have voted for civic nationalist parties like UKIP, when there has not been an ethno nationalist party candidate to vote for. Even a civic nationalist councillor should be able to challenge some of the worst anti-white policies passed by the Labour Party.

    Consequently, I urge all my fellow British patriots in both civic and ethno nationalist organisations to focus primarily on destroying Labour’s White working class vote, so that we can help to replace them before they are able to replace us. God bless us all in this mission!


    Top Image: Public Domain – Highly paid senior managers at Salford City Council take the knee.
    Lower Image (right): Councillor Sharmine August, courtesy of Salford City Council.

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    1. Salford is a terrible ghetto city these days. Rampant crime at the hands of immigrants ignored by a useless police force

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