Spanish Nationalists Make Headlines Around The World

Isabel Medina Peralta

Main Image: Isabel Medina Peralta, aged 18, was the headline speaker at a tribute to Spain’s World War Two fascist force, the Blue Division, at the Almudena cemetery in Madrid on February 15, 2021.

The event was convened by the Patriotic Youth, a Madrid Nationalist organisation, and was supported by different Nationalist and Fascist groups across Spain, such as the España2000 party or La Falange, whose leader, Manuel Andrino also attended the march.

The march, which went through several streets of Madrid to the city’s Almudena cemetery, proceeded behind a banner of the Blue Division shield with the legend “Honour and glory to the fallen.” Participants made the fascist salute and sang fascist songs.

Senorita Isabel Medina Peralta, addressed the event dressed in a blue shirt and was recorded saying: “It is our supreme obligation to fight for Spain, to fight for Europe, now weak and liquidated by the enemy. The enemy will always be the same, although with different masks”.

The event featured a religious service in front of a monument to the Blue Division, on which a wreath of flowers with a swastika was placed. A priest addressed the audience saying: “Marxism, just like yesterday […] continues trying to disturb the peace of our society, disturb the peace of the spirits and, above all, remove the prince of peace, our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Predictably, Twitter has closed the account of Isabel for violating the ‘rules of use’. Diplomatic protests have also been lodged by Germany, Russia and Israel over the fact that anti-Semitic statements are being made in Spain.

Vandals (now called Urban Artists) show support for imprisoned Rapper Pablo Hasel by defacing res Xemeneies park in Barcelona, with a ‘painting’ of Senorita Peralta giving a speech.

Spain’s judiciary handed a new prison sentence for the rapper for tweets and lyrics against the monarchy and the police sparked a series of violent protests across the country.


Spanish Parachute Brigade In Hot Water

A video released by Spanish newspaper La Marea has caused a scandal among the old gang politicians and cast doubt on the democratic credentials of today’s Spanish armed forces.

The recent recording made in the headquarters of Spain’s Parachute Brigade (BRIPAC), shows its members giving fascist salutes while they sing a song recalling Spain’s Blue Division – the Spanish unit which fought bravely alongside the German army in World War II.

The soldiers are seen singing a song by Nationalist rock band Estirpe Imperial, as they give the Fascist salute, arm in arm. The song recalls the División Azul, the Spanish army division of 17,000 troops sent by Franco to fight alongside the Germans on the Eastern front.

La Marea says the images were filmed on December 8th, 2019, at the headquarters of Spain’s Parachute Brigade, near Madrid.

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