Issue 14 Of The Emblem Is Out Now!

Issue 14 The Emblem

With the world a complete mess we all need more information about what is happening, with an honest take on events and not the scare mongering falsehoods dished out by the mainstream media. The Emblem is a small offering towards this.

Originally a broadsheet publication, The Emblem is now an electronic newspaper which is free to subscribe to by simply emailing the team at, or by using the subscription form below this article.

At first The Emblem was only supposed to be a quarterly publication. However, with the world descending into chaos during 2020, the team managed to get 8 issues out and this year is on target to publish a similar number. This will make it one of the most regular National Socialist publications out.

Each issue The Emblem covers a wide range of topics, mainly current affairs, but there are always other informative articles to read. Now that the world is trying to get back to some sort of normal, and more events are taking place, The Emblem will include reports about some of them.

Every issue the feedback is always great and the team would like to thank all who take the time to share their thoughts and views on our work. The Emblem team would also like to grow. They would like more reports and articles from across our great lands as well as more from across the world.

The team have introduced a readers thought’s part, so please send us your views on subjects that are affecting you. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Emblem Team hope you enjoy issue 14.

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