What Has Gone Wrong In Cleveland?

What Has Gone Wrong In Cleveland?

“Crime rates across Middlesbrough, Hartlepool, Stockton and Redcar are the highest of anywhere in the country. And with violent offences the biggest contributor – it’s the most dangerous place in Britain.”

A Talk TV documentary report broadcast on February 9th 2024, under the title; “The Most Dangerous Place to Live in Britain: You Can Get Stabbed Walking Anywhere.” The overall crime rate in the Cleveland region is at an even higher rate per 1,000 head of population than crime in Greater London.

This TV documentary report is an unsettling insight into the decay and decline of a once proud, hard-working, productive region of Northern England. The degeneration of this region into a “broken and left-behind” part of the United Kingdom is both sad to watch and should serve as a very real warning of what can happen to White working class British communities under the leadership of career politicians and a rampant materialistic, consumer society. Decadence and crime dominate the towns in this region.

Middlesborough is the main focus of this documentary, and it paints a depressing picture of a once thriving industrial town in a spiral of decline. Much is made of gangs and local gang culture, neglected housing estates, boarded-up properties, and chronic anti-social behaviour. Drugs and street crime dominate this report, ‘crack cocaine’ is to blame as well as cannabis farms, there are gang fights in broad daylight and much talk of stabbings.

It comes as no surprise that the Police and Crime Commissioner for Cleveland stands before the camera and claims to be ‘getting to grips with the situation’ but of course he says that he needs more finances and more resources. The police make all the predictable noises and as is so often the case, it is not their fault, they are under-funded, underresourced, etc.

There is no mention of immigration or the influx and housing of ‘asylum-seekers’, although it is happening across Cleveland’s towns and villages. The only evidence shown of an ‘ethnic minority’ presence is the coverage of the crimes affecting an Asian shopkeeper.

This documentary shows the future direction of too many post-industrial British towns and White working class communities, the whole thing screams out for political change, social change, and community politics. What the Cleveland region needs is uncompromising British National Socialism.


Top Image: Cleveland Police and Oscar Gray on Unsplash.
Video: Talk TV YouTube.

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