A force for the preservation of White, Aryan Culture

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National Socialism is a dynamic, forward looking ideology which preserves all that is best in White, European culture and civilisation. It is the ideology which fights to preserve centuries of advancement from decay and destruction by the creeping influence of the Third World and Asia.

National Socialism is more than just a political creed, it is a framework for life. The highest purpose for any living thing in Nature is the preservation, survival and progress of its own kind. Not simply existence, but survival and progress.

National Socialism does not exist simply for the maintenance of state, country or government, but is a vehicle for the preservation of the White Race and is therefore a means to an end, not an end in itself. National Socialism raises the issue of Race to the level of all other topics in politics and points out the importance of Race and Nation in all things.

The British Movement is a National Socialist organisation and believes that only National Socialism can restore Britain and Europe to their rightful place in the world, with the best kind of society for their peoples.

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