Freedom Cry


Enslaved for so long, the endless cries of anguise nulled. Strike up the beat of the march then, and let our banner be unfurled unto the wind.

Come loyal patriots, let us fly together, for the enemy awaits upon the field; his blade is dulled upon our flesh. Let us strike for freedom now, no more to whine and wail behind pergatory’s walls.

Come then and unite beneath the sun, for too long in the shadows we have tarried. Waste not the day, for the chains are loosed and the prison bars will bend at the strength of our anger.

Together then, let our freedom cry be heard until the mountains and valleys resound. Unite, unite, now is the time. Freedom and truth are ours. Leave not one quarter of this land bereft of our song, until it be heard even upon the wind.

The storm clouds are upon us, but the darkness shall not prevail. Let our march above the thunder sound, until the enemy in terror flees before us and freedom is once again ours. Unite then, unite and march together, until what is ours is truly only ours once more.

The Rose

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  1. Absolutely 100% true. I’m with you all the way, its ours, doesn’t belong to the invaders and we shall soon have it back. coady leeds skinhead

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