The National Socialist Principle Of Blood & Soil

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Opponents of the revival and growth of National Socialism as both a political and ideological force seek to present the ideals of National Socialism as somehow foreign and alien to the British character.

Those opposed to the ideology of National Socialism seek to depict concepts like Blood and Soil, Race and Nation, Family and Folk, as either antiquated and outdated or rooted in European politics and history, unrepresented in the British political and social experience.

How wrong these critics are, there has been a strong element of racial nationalism and racial consciousness in British thinking and literature from the mid-Nineteenth Century to the present day, despite the efforts of the Leftists and liberal-socialist intelligentsia to stifle those thought and writings.

Now in the last decade of the Twentieth Century, those who would seek to destroy our heritage and culture by submerging it in a morass of multi-culturalism strive to force schools and other centres of education to drop traditional British literature and the teaching of British history prior to 1900 in order to prevent future generations learning about their Nation’s past greatness.

The multi-culturalists fear that a knowledge of the history, heritage and culture of the British Isles will generate national and racial pride in the minds of young white Britons and they will then resist being integrated into a melting-pot society.

The kind of racial identity written of by the great C.S. Lewis who spoke from the heart when he gazed upon the illustrated volume of Twilight Of The Gods:

“this was no Celtic or sylvan or terrestrial twilight… Pure Northerness engulfed me: a vision of high clear spaces hanging above the Atlantic in the endless twilight of Northern summer, remoteness, severity…. the same world as Baldur and the sunward-sailing cranes… something cold, spacious, remote.”

C.S. Lewis 1955

The multi-culturalists fear this identification with a cold Northland, because that is where the cultural and historical roots of the Nordic, Anglo-Saxon, Gaelic and Celtic peoples reside.

Far better that future generations of British children read the works of Lewis and Tolkien and later writers like Alan Garner than Anne Frank’s Diary. Far better that British children learn about the Iceni uprising by Queen Boudicca, the wars of Alfred the Great, Hereward the Wake, Sir Francis Drake and Nelson, than the wonderful life of Gandhi or Nelson Mandela.

The enemy strikes at the minds of our children from an early age seeking to deny our British youngsters a knowledge of their roots. As National Socialists we must ensure that our children are not only aware of their roots, but that those roots are firmly planted in our Blood and Soil.

Reprinted from The Raven

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